No Discussion, Please. We Want Diversity.

Oh that ignorant Catholic Church. Once again, it has a different view from those who preach “diversity.”  110832

The Catholic Church in Poland has come under attack for apparently challenging “gender workshops,” a type of sex-ed class in the schools that present children with “alternatives” to permanent monogamous heterosexual relations. According to an article in Our Sunday Visitor, the circumstances are not quite clear. Nevertheless, in a column for the, Agata Pyzik attacks the Church in a way that makes it seem that she, the Church, and other critics of the Church are at least agreed upon the subject of the dispute, namely the “gender workshops” and accompanying topics like abortion and contraception.

Think about it. The gender agenda, inclusive of same-sex marriage, is probably the largest social experiment in the history of humanity. And it’s being driven by anything but science. Gender is a fluid notion despite the scientific fact that the human person’s sex is determined at conception.

It’s interesting that at the same time that most European countries won’t stand for altering the integrity of food produce with genetically modified organisms [GMOs], the integrity of the human person is discounted insofar as one’s sex is considered to be arbitrary, changeable, even mistaken, not an integral and essential part of who we are even though…again…it’s determined at conception. That’s pure science. Not religion, not the Bishops, not the Pope. There is no human being created who is not male or female and yet the significance of that seems to count for very little in some circles.

Obviously people are going to have different thoughts and feelings about policies impacting society in such a profound way. At the very least, differing view points ought to be discussed, pondered, and explored. Instead, any suggestion that perhaps this experiment needs some rethinking or perhaps children  should not be the guinea pigs of a vast social experiment (an EXPERIMENT!), results in an attempt to shut down the dissenting voice[s]. Then again, this is Poland we’re talking about. Perhaps the decades of Communism have left a deeper impact than we thought, namely that a voice that challenges a questionable and potentially harmful idea should be shut down, especially if it’s the Catholic Church. After all, a 2,000 year-old institution has no experience to draw upon…

Pyzik discusses the issue assaults the Church for its actions to stop the “gender workshops.”[A quick internet search turned up this bio which describes her as a writer whose primary interest is "(post) Communist Eastern Europe."] She refers to a recent comment by actress Meryl Streep to Polish politicians:

“I thought that after years of communism you’d caught up with the west in a social-cultural sense.”

Pyzik notes, however,

“… it was during the People’s Republic when women in Poland enjoyed civil and reproductive rights.

“Enjoyed”? Last I checked, the flow of traffic, had the borders been open, would have been out of Communist countries, not into them, precisely because human rights were not acknowledged and supported by law. The rates of abortion in Communist countries have been notoriously high, due to factors like population control, economic conditions, and a basic lack of hope for the future.

Let’s talk about contraception for a moment. Back in 2005, the World Health Organization repeated its 1999 finding that hormonal contraception is a Group 1 carcinogen for humans, in other words hormonal contraception creates a serious cancer risk for women who use it. Yet, Pyzik is not alone in mistakenly seeing it as a part of women’s “rights” or “health.” The current HHS mandate in the U.S. makes the same assertion, apparently without any thought to women’s health.

Given that we’re talking about a very serious drug with dangerous side effects, shouldn’t doctors and pharmacists be able to make the decision to refuse to expose a patient to the danger of a particular treatment? It’s not as if a patient has a right to any medication that she deems necessary. That’s left to the doctor’s discretion. Ethical doctors don’t automatically write prescriptions without first diagnosing the patient and then considering the effects (good and bad) of the treatment. Doctors who are driven by an agenda rather than the health of the patient, well they’re unethical.

But this abortion+contraception = women’s rights formula is all part of a tired, albeit all too successful trope. If something is repeated often enough, it seems true no matter how dubious it might actually be.

I’ve listened to women who have had abortions. Many women. I’ve only had one tell me years after that it was a good choice for her. I’ve met with and researched doctors who work in the developing countries who would like to provide safe maternal care. Instead they are provided with contraceptives…even though their patients want safe deliveries and healthy babies.

With regard to the gender issues, Pyzik complains:

Even scientists speak in one voice with the church: the Polish Academy of Sciences published a letter in which they called the gender workshops an attempt at “unseating children from their own sex”.

I dunno. When I question a scientist, it’s about methodology, not whether or not the scientist agrees with the Catholic Church.

How about measuring progress in terms other than abortion, contraception, and how one chooses to use one’s genitalia? And while we’re at it, it wouldn’t hurt to have an open discussion about a major, major, major social EXPERIMENT.



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39 thoughts on “No Discussion, Please. We Want Diversity.

  1. joe says:

    Oh joy, more lunacy and agendas, not even hidden any more, from the so-called “oppressed.” Yes let’s not let children simply grow and develop naturally; let’s fill their impressionable heads with the idea that whatever gender you are is no big deal and you should treat it with no more importance or permanence than what color shoes you wear. We need this, because the world and its “anything goes” insanity hasn’t gone far enough. Enjoy the ride, next stop: the cliff our socieity is willingly and happily jumping off of. wheeeeeee

  2. PJD says:

    The article falsely suggests that “children should not be the guinea pigs of a vast social experiment (an EXPERIMENT!)” — when the simple fact is that children in any and every society already are, always have been and always will be the subject of the vast social experiment called society (not to mention the countless experiments that always differ family to family, neighborhood to neighborhood, etc) whether one chooses to recognize that fact or not.

    Also, notions of “gender” are becoming of little to no relevance to civil marriage as it becomes little more than a legal construct without requirement of any gender, any sex, any sexual orientation or anything beyond two adult persons.

  3. Hank says:

    Well, speaking of science, there are some human beings created that are not clearly male or female. There are a number of conditions that produce ambiguous sexual development. And, in some of those cases, reference to the chromosomes does not discharge the ambiguity. An estimated 1 in 1,000 people are born XXY. An estimated 1 in 1,666 are born neither XX nor XY.

    1. CRS says:

      Yes, Hank. Scientists call these “mutations,” and some of these mutations are problematic.

  4. Alex says:

    LOL – I think you just got told, Eric.

    1. Eric Johnson says:

      I sure did.

  5. Bill says:

    Eric. You are confused. A person’s gender is decided at conception. What you are referring to is development not gender. At conception the male child has xy chromosomes and the female child has xx chromosomes.

    1. Sygurd says:

      Actually, the correct word is “sex”, not “gender”. Gender is a linguistic category. This confusion is part of the problem.

  6. David R says:

    Source: Larsen’s Human Embryology 4th ed.

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