No One Invited…Mother.

It’s always a good day when you can use a Tom Wolfe quote.

And I couldn’t help but think of him as I figured out what bothered me so much about this recent cover for the Brooks Brothers catalog. Read more here.



  • sparchh

    You could write a book on the moral and cultural abnormalities one sees in advertising media, not only in cataloges but in t.v. and radio spots. Couple with this the entertainment industry including films, television shows and news shows, it is a vertual submersion into a reality of the unreal.

    It is a constant bombardment that wears down the sharpest cutting edge.


    Dear Pia ~ I think you really read too much into this picture. Ad flacks aren’t going to have an ordinary looking person, such as myself (About 15 lbs. overweight, ruddy complexion and a $12.00 haircut) sell anything. The models need to be idealized.
    I’m reminded that at a certain point in life, my wife and mother-in-law would go out together and people wouldn’t believe they were mom and daughter. And Roz was 26 when she had Robin! My psychiatrist friend Maria, was trained in the Freudian school but none the less took much of it with a grain of salt. She was fond of the often used comment that “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” In the past 24 hours, CV has managed to criticize the National Christmas Tree Association and Brooks Brothers, two organizations promoting traditional products. We need to dig our way out of this meltdown without promoting industries like tobacco and pornography. I’m going to do my part by buying a real Christmas tree and buying nice gifts for family and friends from Brooks Brothers. I hope you do to. ~ Pax tecum, Greg



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