*UPDATE* Not a Typo! Norwich Diocesan Newspaper notes pro-abortion AG invited to speak to Catholic grade schoolers

UPDATE: Please see below for an important update to this story.

A surprised reader of Four County Catholic – the official newspaper of the Catholic Diocese of Norwich, CT –  just contacted me and pointed out this news item in the most recent April 2011 issue:

“protecting a woman’s right to choose”? How did that get past the editor? And why is a known advocate for abortion being invited to speak to Catholic grade school kids?

The Four County Catholic’s masthead says their publisher is Bishop of Norwich Michael Cote, but I believe it is more appropriate to contact their executive editor Michael Strammiello at com@norwichdiocese.net and respectfully ask him to publish a retraction and apology in their next issue (to address the scandal caused to their readers) and to be more vigilant in the future about what they publish. Feel free to send him the link to this post.

As the above news item states, pro-abortion AG George Jepsen was invited to speak to Catholic children at St. Mary Star of The Sea School in New London at the request of Principal Anne Tortora. Here is their online contact page if you wish to raise (again, charitably) concerns about their choice of speaker.

UPDATE – An AmP reader who contacted Mr. Strammiello forwards his response:

Thank you very much for your thoughtful message.  You are perfectly correct in your objection to the Attorney General caption.  Yes – we are already preparing a correction for the May Four County Catholic.  We state in that correction that even the slightest inference of our condoning the Attorney General’s position is deeply regretted.  Of course, we wouldn’t expect any of our faithful readers to think otherwise, given our relentless pursuit of all matters pro-life.  It is more of an embarrassment that should never have happened.

I think we can trust that this matter will be resolved. St. Mary Star of The Sea, not so much.



  • Walter

    If I had my way, Principal Anne Tortora would be looking for a new job.



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