Nothing new, normal or funny about NBC’s “The New Normal”

One of MTV’s most popular shows is coming to an end. According to reports, “The Jersey Shore” will cease production at the conclusion of this year’s season. “The Shore,” as it is commonly referred to, follows the lives of alcoholic, spiritually-adrift twentysomethings as they party it up during their summer vacation on New Jersey’s east coast.

Now that “The Shore” is coming to an end, television executives are trying to put together the next big ratings-getter. And Ryan Murphy (creator of “Glee”) thinks he’s got just the answer.

Murphy’s show, “The New Normal” – which premiered September 10th on NBC – focuses on two men, Bryan and David, who are engaged in a committed, gay partnership.  While the couple is out shopping, David sees an oh-so-precious toddler in a stroller and later tells Bryan that “It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I must have it!” He agrees and the premise of the show is set: two gay guys want to start a family, but they “can’t have a child the traditional way,” so they turn to surrogacy.

Its fans praise it for its in-your-face attitude, but “The New Normal” comes off as a cheesy infomercial filled with stereotypes meant to convince on-the-fence Americans that gay marriage really isn’t all that bad, and that those on the political right are just a bunch of racists.

To expose cultural conservatives for what they truly are, the show’s producers created a character named Nana, the Midwestern grandmother of the woman Bryan and David pay $35,000 to be their surrogate. Nana is everything Hollywood liberals think conservatives are: bigoted, mean-spirited, and xenophobic. In one scene, Nana – played by raging leftist Ellen Barken – says she loves gay people because she could never get her hair to look good without them. In another, she informs her granddaughter that she feels like she just ate a “black and gay stew” right before she fell asleep because it feels like she is living in “a nightmare.”

Right. And opponents of gay marriage want all gay people deported.

Hollywood’s incessant mocking of social conservatives is meant to pressure them into supporting liberal causes. But if the show’s ratings are any indication, most Americans reject the upside down reality that “The New Normal” presents.

The reality is that two men cannot start a family in any sense of the word. They have to go behind nature’s back if they want to. But even then, as we are seeing in California right now, situations involving surrogate parents and same-sex couples are increasingly legally complex, and may ultimately lead to three-parent situations.

Moreover, even though Bryan and David may seem like an open-minded, caring couple, when they are told they can “create the perfect embryo” for their child, Bryan odiously demands a “skinny blonde child who doesn’t cry.” Eugenics anyone?

Inasmuch as “The New Normal” may be the norm for left-wing, one-percenters living in Manhattan or in that foreign country we refer to as the state of California, it isn’t normal for the overwhelming majority of Americans, and it won’t be anytime soon.

Americans realize that Hollywood’s deep hatred for traditional values is no laughing matter. I predict that they, like the NBC affiliate in Utah that chose not to air the show, will reject what media elites see as morally permissible. Expect “The New Normal” to last no more than one season.



  • RMAN

    Realize that this is religious hate and bigotry on a major network. If you are against bigotry and blasphemy, do more than not watching the show.

  • Whit.

    you’re right. it’s a shame that hollywood portrays those anti-gay marriage/adoption folks as bigots. I mean- what could POSSIBLY be bigoted about legally imposing my faith’s conceptions of love, family, and marriage on a pluralistic society? Frankly, we should make abortions illegal too because children are better off in two parent households – and we can all agree that divorce is destroying the sacred institution of marriage. I propose a defense of marriage act that includes a ban on all divorces.

    • whit.

      obviously, I meant “divorces* not abortions.

  • Francis Wippel

    My understanding is that the big three’s lineups this fall are chock-full of pro-gay propaganda like this designed to make anyone who supports the traditional (non-governmentally defined) definition of marriage look like a hate-monger. The institution of marriage being cheapened into a “civil right” is not only not supposed to bother us, we’re supposed to embrace it with no questions asked.

    And yet opposition to the redefinition of marriage is viewed as hatred by the so-called tolerant cultural left. Why?

    My guess is that because at the end of the day, no matter how badly the cultural left want Christian traditionalists to cower in fear of being labeled a bigot, they can’t make nature bend to their will. Same sex couples will NEVER be able to naturally produce offspring, and the cultural left can’t stand that fact. They’ll do anything in their power to demonize those of us who point out this fact.

  • Theo

    So….this is the ‘new tripe’ on TV now,eh? My, oh my, how things have gone downhill. I wouldn’t know, as I threw out my TV 8 years ago.

    Thanks, though, for letting me know what I am missing these days on TV. Not.



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