Now, Apologize for Forcing Us to Violate Our Religion

Is it okay to force Catholics to burn this?

President Obama, if you are apologizing for U.S. forces being involved in the burning of the Koran, why are you not apologizing for Health & Human Services forcing Catholics like me to violate our consciences on contraception?

By your apology do you mean to say: “Whether I agree with your religious belief about the Koran or not, I respect your right to your religion, and as commander in chief of the armed forces, I will see that they are not violated”?

If so, then please tell Catholics: “Whether I agree with your religious belief about contraception or not, I respect your rights to your religion, and as the executive of Health & Human Services, I will see that they are not violated.”

What you are doing to Catholics is far worse than what happened on that air force base.

You told Muslims: “The error was inadvertent; I assure you that we will take the appropriate steps to avoid any recurrence, to include holding accountable those responsible.”

Yet you are forcing Catholics to pay for contraception. That is not inadvertent. We have told you how we feel at each step of the process. Every one of our bishops and many of our institutions have protested.

So, what is it about Muslims’ beliefs about the Koran that deserve your respect, and what is it about Catholicism that does not?

If you are holding people in the military accountable for the inadvertent burning of the Koran, who should we hold accountable for your deliberate violation of our religious rights?

In order for the Koran incident to be as serious as what you have done to Catholics, you would have to force Muslims to pay for the burning of Korans. You would never do so. It is unthinkable. It should also be unthinkable for you to force Catholics to violate our consciences.

The Koran apology is a great wake-up call for you. Now, please apologize to us.



  • Ann C.

    This article could have been shortened to read “Respect MY religion and no others.”

    • Tom Hoopes

      … but that wouldn’t do justice to the article’s respect for Muslims. So maybe you meant to shorten it to: “Respect MY religion and Muslims’ religion and no others”?



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