NRLC’s Doug Johnson smacks down NCReporter in Catholycs United press call

It’s bench-clearing time!

Fake Catholyc group Catholics United hosted a conference call this morning about the SBA List hearing in Ohio. In their press release, they misstate in the first line that the Ohio commission ruled that SBA List made false claims in their billboards. In fact, in a narrow 2-1 ruling, the commission only found there is enough merit to the case to have a full hearing later. (Perhaps someone should sue Catholycs United for libel?)

The release boasts that Catholycs United is set to unveil a letter “signed by 34 religious and lay leaders throughout Erie County, including at least 13 Catholic nuns, a priest, several business owners and other leaders” supporting their position on the issue. … but did you catch that? A priest! They found a whole priest to support them! So much for Catholics United claims that parishes should stay out of politics (they might, after all, mention the importance of voting pro-life).

Sr. Marlene Bertke, OSB Benedictine Sisters of Erie and David Robinson, Executive Director of Pax Christi USA joined Catholycs United executive director Chris Korzen in hosting the call. Pax Christi and Catholics United have shared staff in the past.

Things got interesting towards the end of the call. As reported by the Washington Independent, Doug Johnson, National Right to Life’s legislative director who provided a sworn affidavit in SBA List’s defense, attended Catholycs United’s call and kept his silence until the very end, when he jumped in and started lobbing truth-grenades:

“Are you familiar with the 23-page sworn affidavit where we enumerate section by section the parts of the [health care reform] bill that allow federal funding of abortion? It’s online and available to anyone who wants to look at it.”

“Do you believe that I was lying when I signed the NRLC’s sworn affidavit to the Ohio Elections Commission?” Johnson later pressed.

Then things got even better:

At this point, a reporter for the National Catholic Reporter admonished Johnson for crashing the call and suggested he host his own call at a later juncture, saying Johnson “came with an agenda and not a question.” … “I write for the National Right to Life News with a readership of over 300,000. What’s your readership?” Johnson shot back at the reporter.


To give you an idea about just how deluded Catholycs United and their side is over this issue, David Robinson, Executive Director of Pax Christi USA, made the outrageous claim that “every independent review says it (the health care law) does not expand abortion.” As Tom McClusky points out, Robinson’s claim is demonstrably false. I’m sure that the various folks who have been so energetically fact-checking me will join me in condemning Robinson’s irrational and false claim.

Papists, the other side is getting desperate. Let’s redouble our efforts and continue to pray and act so that citizens are not misled going into this critical election about what is really at stake.

And good on Doug Johnson. I’ll look forward to a clarification from NC Reporter as to their readership.





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