Nun Too Tempting

The New York Times this weekend couldn’t pass up a 27-year-old quote from anonymous priest in its obituary for Geraldine Ferraro:

Writing in The Washington Post in September 1984, the columnist Mary McGrory quoted an unnamed Roman Catholic priest as saying, “When the nuns in the fifth grade told Geraldine she would have to die for her faith, she didn’t know it would be this way.”

(What an odd old quote, given the issue at stake. Just another example of the corrosive nature of the culture of death? )

Ferraro was, of course, a prominent face of the personally-opposed camp of Catholics. The Los Angeles Times remembered:

“You can force a person to have a child, but you can’t make the person love that child,” Ferraro wrote, reflecting on the child abuse cases she prosecuted. “I don’t know what pain a fetus experiences, but I can well imagine the suffering of a four-year-old girl being dipped in boiling water until her skin came off and then lying in bed unattended for two days until she died. And that was only one of the cases seared in my memory.”

May we always work harder to not only protect innocent human life but make sure people know and have ready access to alternatives to abortion.

May we all find rest in God’s mercy. May we seek it and be truly open to His will in public life and private. Integrating the two. Integrating the True.



  • David Wendell

    Geraldine Ferraro was very public about allowing the choice to kill one’s own baby. She was seriously wrong and excommunicated herself from her faith. I hope she confessed and was penitent before her death. If so, may she rest in peace.



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