NYT and Boston Globe = Total Hypocrites

A little laughter for your Friday…

Bill Donohue at the Catholic League has once again exposed anti-Catholic media bias.

Responding to vigorous calls for a “zero-tolerance policy” from the Church, Bill notes that the New York Times and Boston Globe do not have a zero-tolerance policy for their own employees!

“The New York Times and the Boston Globe find it unwise to adopt the same policy regarding employee misconduct—including instances where the law is broken—that it condemns the Catholic Church for not adopting worldwide. So if a priest is alleged to have groped a parishioner, the cops must be called. But even after an internal probe reveals that an employee at the Times or Globe is guilty of the same offense, the cops should not be summoned. The hypocrisy is vile.”

Uh-Oh, maybe someone should have checked that before railing against the Church.



  • Cindy

    Seriously yep, you are one warped individual.
    @Patrick. Another article written in the style of trash. I read it and rolled my eyes. Yes, Patrick- this solves what exactly? Here the church is trying to rebuild it’s reputation, and there was damage Patrick. Whether you think it’s” just” or not. It’s really beside the point. You trying to compare some newspapers to the Catholic church is really just for lack of a better word, dumb. Yep, dumb. I can’t fathom it. Yes, organizations that want to sell papers, and get people reading, and you think a scandal in the Catholic church isnt going to do it for them? Yet to still cry about it, after all these months. Really Patrick. Get over it.
    @Yep… and you can say what you want, because you come across as a foolish bloke who doesnt have anything much to do but bash what he hates most. Democrats. Get a life Yep. Maybe if you got a hobby you would find something other to do than to be angry over democrats and how they are just out to rip apart your church. You really are a sad little person. Here’s some advice for you Yep. Why don’t you make it a hobby to help the poor by working first hand with them. Volunteer yourself in the service of others, and then you would feel less inclinded to type such non-sense. Maybe it would help you grow some, and open you up some. Let God put his sunshine on you Yep, by doing his work.



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