NYT and Boston Globe = Total Hypocrites

A little laughter for your Friday…

Bill Donohue at the Catholic League has once again exposed anti-Catholic media bias.

Responding to vigorous calls for a “zero-tolerance policy” from the Church, Bill notes that the New York Times and Boston Globe do not have a zero-tolerance policy for their own employees!

“The New York Times and the Boston Globe find it unwise to adopt the same policy regarding employee misconduct—including instances where the law is broken—that it condemns the Catholic Church for not adopting worldwide. So if a priest is alleged to have groped a parishioner, the cops must be called. But even after an internal probe reveals that an employee at the Times or Globe is guilty of the same offense, the cops should not be summoned. The hypocrisy is vile.”

Uh-Oh, maybe someone should have checked that before railing against the Church.



  • marv!!!


    The scandal in the Church and of the Church was not the sexual abuse but rather the COVER-UP of the sexual abuse. That cover-up allowed the abuse to continue for hundreds of years.
    Homosexuals rarely sexually abuse children. In fact, studies have shown that sexual abuse of children is lowest with homosexuals than with any other group in society. Pediphiles and sexual suppressives abuse children.
    How you can blame homosexuals, the media and Democrats for the cover-up by the Catholic Church is beyond my comprehension.

    Homosexuals rarely sexually abuse children. Pediphiles and sexual preditors abuse children.

  • Francis

    The things you write are so ridiculous.

    There was sexual abuse by clergy that involved homosexuality, but the perpetrators were not all homosexuals. In addition to that, there were cases involving heterosexual sex as well. Sexual abuse doesn’t really have a particular sexual orientation as its focal point. Sexual abuse is really more about power over another, vulnerable, human being. It certainly does not have anything to do with the Democratic party.

    For you to take pot shots like that at Marv, when he has revealed his own background on this site, is unconscionable. I hope you get to confession before you receive Holy Communion again.

  • yep, marv’s anti-Catholic


    Correct me if I’m wrong but the scandal in the Church was the direct result of homosexuals having sex with young boys, and being covered up by other homosexuals and their enablers in the media and the Democratic party.

    Should we include you on that list as well?

  • G.K. Thursday

    Why didn’t you include the links to the editors of the Boston Globe and NYT so that your faithful readers could let them experience some blowback for their vile hypocrisy?

    Here they are: Contact the editorial page editors, Andrew Rosenthal at the Times and Peter Canellos at the Globe: andyr@nytimes.com and canellos@globe.com

  • marv!!!

    Correct me if I’m wrong but the Catholic cover-up involved adults sexually abusing children. This is not the case in business.

  • Erika Marie

    You’re right, they are being hypocritical. It’s also ironic that they want to tear down the Church with one hand while the other hand wants to the Church to be always perfect and never disapoint.



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