Obama’s Brother’s Keeper

I was recently having dinner with John Sullivan, the writer and director of the Dinesh D’Souza film “2016: Obama’s America.” I have a brief appearance in the film, speaking about Frank Marshall Davis, a mentor to young Obama in Hawaii, who I’ve written a book about. I know John beyond the film.

“You’ll never guess who called Dinesh,” Sullivan said to me. “Who?” I asked.

He told me: George Obama, Barack Obama’s half brother.

As D’Souza’s film graphically shows, George Obama lives in a shanty house in Nairobi, Kenya, surviving on a few meager dollars a month. A couple hundred extra dollars per year would be a relative fortune to George. Alas, Barack Obama, a millionaire who regularly blasts the “greedy” rich, has never sent a dime to George—a point raised by D’Souza in the film.

So, why was George telephoning D’Souza all the way from Kenya? Because George needed help. It was an emergency situation. He explained to D’Souza that his young son was at the hospital, ailing from a “chest condition.” He needed a quick $1,000 for healthcare.

“Since George was at the hospital I asked him to let me speak to a nurse,” says D’Souza, “and she confirmed that George’s son was indeed ill.” D’Souza immediately sent the money via Western Union.

But here’s the kicker: As D’Souza states, “Before I hung up, I asked George, ‘Why are you coming to me?’ He said, ‘I have no one else to ask.’ Then he said something that astounded me, ‘Dinesh, you are like a brother to me.’”

That’s touching. In fact, however, D’Souza is not a brother to George Obama. Barack Obama is. And Obama makes more money as president of the United States than D’Souza makes as president of King’s College. Obama is one of those “wealthy millionaires” that he complains about all the time.

Why didn’t George go to his real brother for support? Better, why doesn’t Obama go to him?

Sure, Obama is obviously busy. But George is family. Other obviously busy presidents have had brothers, half brothers, estranged brothers—and downright bizarre brothers. Recently, there was Bill Clinton’s troubled brother, Roger. There was Billy Carter, Jimmy’s brother. These brothers often embarrassed their presidential brothers. Jimmy’s brother was on the front of everything from the New York Times to beer cans. Nonetheless, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, two southern Baptists, took care of their brothers.

But here’s where Obama’s negligence of his half-brother gets much worse:

As president, Barack Obama has not been shy about invoking his faith—with, of course, not a peep of protest from secular liberals who went bonkers when George W. Bush simply said he prayed as president. Obama has invoked his faith in support of everything from his healthcare initiative to gay marriage.

And Obama’s most common expression of his faith is his repeated use of the phrase “my brother’s keeper.” He uses it incessantly. The Presidential Papers reveal that Obama has used the phrase 57 times as president, far more than any previous president. He has used it 17 times over the last 12 months—11 of those occasions at fundraisers.

“I am my brother’s keeper,” said Obama in Atlanta in March. “Each of us is only here because somebody somewhere was looking out for us. It started in the family, but it wasn’t just the immediate family…. Our story has never been about what we can do alone. It’s what we do together.”

For Obama, this is an exhortation to help one another, from our literal brothers to our brothers in the wider community and world.

That said, the “brother’s keeper” passage is an odd choice, isn’t it? It comes from the Old Testament remark of Cain after he murdered his brother Abel. God asks Cain where his brother is. Cain replies, “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

It is a bad moment, filled with disturbing implications about the nature of man, man’s relationship to man, man’s relationship to God, and more. Given the roots of the phrase—the first murder, of a sibling no less—I find it a rather strange formulation for making the case of helping our brother, or our neighbor, or the needy. I see a phrase like “love thy neighbor,” a favorite of George W. Bush, as far more preferable, and certainly derived from an infinitely better source.

But even stranger is Obama’s constant use of the phrase in light of his own brother’s lousy situation. Why doesn’t he help keep his own brother? Apparently, that role has been left to Dinesh D’Souza.

Paul Kengor’s books include God and Ronald Reagan, God and George W. Bush, and God and Hillary Clinton. His latest is The Communist: Frank Marshall Davis, the Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mentor.



  • Rich

    Was this article written with any intent other than to feed the Obama-Haters in the house? A rather silly story from a man who not only doesn’t like Obama to a group that doesn’t like Obama, as an almost Moral announcement at the end, “It is better to find fault with your enemy and exploit it, than to try and find something good to say.” Finally a saying worthy of CatholicVote – the Vision of Pure Church. When you have CV – who needs God.

    • Joe M

      Rich. You have posted many comments here at CV about the importance of helping each other out. What do you think of the fact that Obama doesn’t help his brother? Why do you call this story silly while calling it a serious matter to give to others in other comments?

      • Curious

        Joe M,
        Wasn’t it Rich that was more interested in “Big Bird”, (the same Big Bird business that has asked Obama to take Big Bird out of his ads) than our freedom of religion, our disastrous economy, the burning middle east cover up, the continuous lies of Obama, etc. Rich praises Obama as his god. He repeat the Obama propaganda he is fed by his god. It doesn’t matter what TRUTH is, as long as Obama is his god, he will slam others on this site to prop up his god, Obama. This site is his enemy, so the quote he left for you, “It is better to find fault with your enemy and exploit it, than to try and find something good to say.” is the quote he follows instead of God and Church teachings, which are TRUTH. God Bless

        • Rich


        • Joe M

          Thank you Curious. I may have missed Rich’s position on big bird. Though, that sounds consistent with his other commentary. God Bless.

      • Rich

        First, the story has been floating around for awhile and is more than questionable.
        “George Obama refuses to directly criticize the president in the interview. D’Souza later admitted to sending $1,000 to George Obama after the interview. He told Fox News the money was to cover medical expenses for Obama’s child who was hospitalized with a chest condition, but $1,000 is a whopping sum of money for residents of Haruma slum and far exceeds the typical cost of local hospital care for most treatable childhood chest conditions.”
        D’Souza is a nut and not at all reliable, and it is insulting to everyone to include this story here just to keep your hatred on Obama alive. If I were as paranoid as D’Souza, I would wonder if the purpose was to keep you from hearing that Romney said today he would not be ending a woman’s right to choose, although maintaining that he is pro-life. Maybe you should be paying attention to that instead of probably false ones.

        • Joe M


          Dinesh D’Souza is the author of several New York Times best-sellers. His documentary film about Obama is the second highest grossing political documentary of all time.

          On the other hand, you are an anonymous blogger who seems to be fond of switching to personal attacks when you don’t have an argument on the merits.

          Given the difference, I think that Dinesh is more likely to be honest in this case than you are. He is attaching his name to the story and has a career at stake. Furthermore, Dinesh is not the only source to have found George Obama to be living in relative poverty. That has been corroborated by multiple sources.

          That said, for the sake of argument, assume that the story is true. Do you at least agree that Obama would then fall way short of the standard that you have been preaching to us here at CV?

          • Rich

            Being a best selling author is hardly criteria for sound theological teaching or even truthfulness. Jackie Collins is also a best selling author, so he is in interesting company for your praise. The man has an agenda that is even questions by the most ardent conservatives. The Movie is just that, a film of slicing dialogue meant to serve his purpose, and not the truth. High grossing films have never been something that is praised much in Catholic Dialogue, and the entertainment value measured by people buying movie tickets is hardly a measure for the truth. The man is a nut.
            I am not a blogger, and it is you that maintain the anonymity is your commentary. There is nothing personal in any “attacks” I have made on your arguments, and I am never without an argument of merit when I write. It is not I that am defending the indefensible, nor trying to tear down the community by making outrageous statements unable to be backed up by your faith.
            George Obama by his own admission lives a life without much motivation. Yesterday he was charged with abducting his three year old child from his girlfriend. He is a schemer and not a dreamer, and his story fit right in to D’Souza’s wackiness. If you choose to believe it so that you do not have to consider the truth, fine, but do not claim that your use of this to attack your president is noble. Now that you know the truth, his attack is yours, lies and all.
            We all fall short of the standards that Christ has set for us, but he also promises his help. We are charges with building the kingdom of God, not tearing it apart. You need to choose where you follow Jesus or D’Souza. For my part, Jesus is the winner.

          • Joe M

            For the sake of argument, assume that the story is true. Do you at least agree that Obama would then fall way short of the standard that you have been preaching to us here at CV?

          • Rich

            Time to move on. I have no interest in endless nonsensicals. You either use logical and actual facts or find someone else to volley you insinuations with. Live in your fantasy where nothing matters except what CV posts, and believe that they speak for the church.

        • Curious

          What Rich doesn’t realize is that with his spin on the story of Obama’s brother, Rich has managed to PROVE exactly the point being made in the article. A perfect stranger to Obama’s brother sent him $1, 000. According to Rich, this is a whopping sum of money for residents of Haruma SLUM and FAR exceeds the typical cost of local hospital care for most treatable childhood chest conditions. This stranger sent Obama’s brother a whopping sum of money, while Obama sends NOTHING to help his brother in poverty, the brother that lives in a SLUM. A few hundred dollars a year would GREATLY help his brother, but no, Obama just lives in the White House on tax payers dime, owns a huge home in Chicago, dines very well,and vacations very well all the whilie his brother lives in poverty, in a slum according to Rich’s source. Can’t wait to hear what the Obama proganda machine hands off to Rich to explain away all Obama’s relatives that live in poverty. Oh now, we can’t forget Aunt Zeituni Onyango and Uncle Omar. They live right here in the USA in poverty. Can’t wait to read the spin on why Obama has millions and claims to want to spread the wealth while his brother, aunt, and uncle all live in poverty. Maybe, most likely, Rich will come back with twisted words and attacks on others to divert from TRUTH. I guess that is what Rich is paid to do.

          • Rich

            Again you are just proving that you have no idea what you are saying. If you want to be a spin doctor, you at least have to know the truth before you manipulate it.
            But your interest in not the truth any way.
            Have a great day.

          • Rich

            This was not according to Rich, but those who were investigating the malicious claim that D’Souza made. Your interest in preserving the lie is odd, especially when you reference the truth. You really cannot have it both ways.

  • Karen

    “Charity begins at home”- a phrase Obama did not learn. He is certainly not his brother’s keeper- or America’s, either.

    • Curious

      He has proved himself to be a taker.

    • Rich

      So Karen, he must be the worst person on the face of the earth. This is justification for degrading him just as Jesus did with the Woman brought to him being caught in adultery.
      Do you have your stones ready?

      • Joe M

        Rich. You have to admit, the story of Obama’s treatment of his brother does fly in the face of many of your comments about Jesus’ teachings to help each other. Right?

        • Rich

          And the telling of this story just to tell the sins on another also flies in the face of Jesus teaching. Are you ready to expose your own sins so that we can ridicule you as well? I promise to not be any meaner to you as you have been to the President.
          If I were without sins that I can throw the first stone. I guess that I will need to wait until you lob the first one, you being a good Catholic and all, and therefore without any sin.

          • Joe M

            Which teaching does it fly in the face of to comment on Obama’s lack of care for his brother?

      • Curious

        Does any of the Soros funded organizations: Media Matters, Tides Foundation, Democracy Alliance, Moveon.org and the Center for American Progress, or the many others give you a list of scripture to use? I ask because all of you paid trolls use the same scripture over and over. ONLY… you fail, over and over, to include all of what Jesus says. Again, the stone throwing scripture is used again!!! ONLY Rich…., again you have failed to say that Jesus left the adulter with, “Go and sin no more.” It is amazing how many of you paid trolls leave that out. You certainly don’t hesitate to throw stones at God when you post on this site. Your vile comments on abortion and same sex marriage are in DIRECT AIM against God, His LAWS and His AUTHORITY. God condemned abortion in the commandments and homosexual acts in His Word, and Jesus is God my friend. It is you throwing those stones at our Lord and asking others to ignore Jesus by telling them to go on and sin, sin, sin MORE! You are NOT fooling anyone. You are only supporting those that come here like you and are paid like you. You sit on here all day long. Do you get paid for each response to your post, by the day, or by the hour? Just curious? You excuse Obama’s treatment of his brother as though Obama is God and can do no wrong. Obama is your god, NOT ours. Follow your god, and we will continue to follow GOD!! God bless, and we’ll keep praying for your conversion.

        • Rich

          OK, I forgive you too for being rude and ignorant, and of playing games instead of having any interest in discussing things maturely.
          Go, now – far away – and sin no more here.

          • Curious

            George Soros is going to be disappointed in you. You come here with your lengthy twisting of words that you at least try to make seem intelligent, but you used the wrong “too”. (“OK, I forgive you too.for being rude.. “) The correct “too” for your future reference is “two”. Two is the correct two, too,. or to when referring to a number. Too means in addtion, more than enough, or extremely. It is an adverb. Two is an adjective used to tell how many. Was that lesson on two, too, and to mature enough? Oh and by the way Rich, I guess you were trying to hit me with one of your stones when you wrote, “Go, now – far away.” You missed. It doesn’t work with me because I follow God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, the Trinity. I don’t follow you. God bless

          • Rich

            no it was too and not two.
            Just as Jesus does. and we both want you to sin no more.
            No please go away. you are just being a pest and not interested in dialogue. I certainly gave you enough consideration and opportunity.

          • Curious

            There’s those stones you keep throwing. My, you must get exhausted carrying all those stones around. It is you that is not interested in dialogue. You come here with the normal Obamabot propaganda and call it dialogue. We have certainly given you enough consideration and opportunity, and yet you have FAILED to persuade anyone (with your hate for God) to change over to the kind of love you have for your god, Obama. We are praying. Just said a prayer for you. Good night.

          • Rich

            Thank you for your prayers. While you are praying though, you might talk to Jesus about the insults that you used to offer your prayers. Not quite sure that is how Christian Charity works.
            But you have to make Good with God for your actions, just like the president does. Alas, we are all sinners and fall short.

        • KT1

          Curious- Rich is a TROLL playing a GAME over here at CatholicVote. Click on his name and all of his posts will come up. He speaks out of both sides of his mouth. On some sites, he is “pious Rich” on others, he is “anti-Catholic bigot Rich”. On all sites he is “Obamabot Rich”. He seems to be commenting a lot- my guess is he is a high school or college student. He could be paid by Media Matters or the DU- Democrat Underground. George Soros is throwing around a lot of money to get his guy Obama reelected. I have decided not to respond to Rich unless I am calling him what he is- a TROLL.



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