UPDATE: Obama Administration *will* release 2010 Abortion Data

UPDATE – LifeNews alerts us that this report will indeed be released, with some delay:

The Centers for Disease Control has come under fire from conservatives concerned that the Obama administration is suppressing the annual abortion numbers the federal government usually reports every November.

Today, Tom Skinner, the Senior Public Affairs Officer for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told LifeNews.com that he anticipates publishing the abortion totals later this month and that delays have been a result of trouble gathering information — not pressure from Obama officials.

The new promised date for this data to be released is February 24th.

Erickson says in response that he believes it wasn’t until his blog posted its story on what he alleges is a coverup and that LifeNews.com and other media outlets picked up on the thread that the CDC finally responded.

“The Internet is an amazing thing. After weeks of checking and phone calls and emails … no report. Then one blog post at RedState later, and suddenly the CDC is falling over themselves to produce something,” Erickson said. [Continue reading]

ORIGINAL POST – Michael New explains:

The Obama administration has reportedly decided to start blocking the release of annual abortion statistics. Every year since 1969 the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has released abortion data through its annual “Abortion Surveillance Report.” However, in 2010 the “Abortion Surveillance Report” was not published, and according to a spokesman from the CDC, there are “no plans” for the data to be released at this time.



  • Mike M.

    This data was no doubt buried under the direction of the OBUMMER Administration. They are not so much afraid of the numbers as they are afraid of having the number of illegally Spent tax Dollars revealed. They can say what they want however, they are spending our tax dollars killing our future before they are afforded their first breath.

  • Mike M.

    This is typical of the Obama Administrtion. Anything they cannot justify, they ignore hoping it will be forgotten. They are well aware the MSM will cooperate by not reporting on anything that will upset Obama and his minions. I will await the 24th to see what happens.

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  • Del

    It is the same tactic that the Clinton administration used when they asked the National Parks Service to stop counting the crowd numbers at the March For Life.

    Every business knows that we manage whatever we can measure. If we stop counting a thing, it is much easier to dodge or ignore.



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