Obama: Debating is hard. Like governing, apparently.

When I saw this in my Twitter feed my first thought was that Charlie had written on one of those satirical pieces in The Onion that strikes extremely close to home.

But no: Obama really did say he’s still trying to get the hang of this debating thing.

I’m still trying to figure out how to get the hang of this thing… debating. But we’re working on it we’ll keep on improving as time goes on, I’ve got one left.

It’s as though he never has had to stand and defend his positions and his record before. It’s almost as though he’s never been called on his failures before. One might think that no one whom he surrounds himself with has ever dared suggest forcefully, to his face, that something he suggested is a terrible idea or has failed miserably.

Honestly, I believe all of those things are true. Or, at least, he’s forced to defend his position to a combative interlocutor so rarely, and he’s so incapable of handling criticism, that his glass jaw just shatters. He needs to be the smartest guy in the room. He needs his opponents to be absurd sitting ducks. His number on tactic in handling opponents is the straw man, followed by the reductio ad absurdum: he caricatures his opponents and their positions, then takes this caricatured position to a ridiculous conclusion, and argues against that.

The problem arises when he’s faced with an actual person who points out that the caricature isn’t true, let alone the absurd reductio. So then he’s forced to learn how to actually defend his position and put forth a vision of the future. Tough to do in a few weeks after a lifetime of learning the other way. Which brings us back to the video:

“But,” Obama offers, seeming to suggest there’s hope for his future, “we’re working on it we’ll keep on improving as time goes on, I’ve got one left.”

Don't know much about taking tough questions or governing, but I do love me a good comedy show!

All of a sudden his debate performances are a microcosm of his governance. He was initially shocked and annoyed that anyone would oppose him (“I won” compares to his aloof, annoyed performance in the Denver debate); then he relies on women to defend and promote him at key moments (Nancy Pelosi on Obamacare and Candy Crowley on the Benghazi/”act of terror” moment) before both women are forced to take a dive for him (Pelosi lost her majority for ramming Obamacare through by dubious measures, Crowley had to eat crow when she was shown to be wrong in her unprofessional defense of him), and eventually he’s reduced to basically admitting he’s failed but he’s really working on getting better so just give him another shot.

Um, no thanks. The presidency is no place to learn on the job. We cannot survive someone who cannot ably defend his own positions in a debate with a fellow American exercising “flexibility” with Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

We cannot afford someone who said “under my plan energy rates will necessarily skyrocket,” and anyone who wants to build a coal plant can, but it’ll bankrupt them (a rare campaign promise he’s *kept*); who gives hundreds of millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars to green energy companies so risky they could not get private capital, and then they go belly up almost on cue to prove the private investors right; and who stifles domestic drilling on federal lands even while he’s bleating about energy independence and as energy prices rise.

That sort of leadership is no good leadership at all. We’ve seen that his picking winners and losers in industry has meant picking losers. And “leading from behind” only gets our diplomats killed.



33 thoughts on “Obama: Debating is hard. Like governing, apparently.

  1. Rich says:

    You have got to love those that come out to agree with a Crowe Blog.
    No squirrels will starve at CV this winter with all the nuts he has collected.
    The sad thing is that he may really think that he is being funny, and his fans only seem to enjoy the fact that he is cruel.

    1. BufordJr says:

      He’s just a small-time Hannity wannabe, Crowe is. And you are dead-on about the “Catholics” here. I have atheist friends who are hundreds of times better human beings than the Konservative Katholic Krusaders here, who know their Boortz and Limbaugh better than they know their Sermon on the Mount.

  2. Evan Schmeits says:

    Or maybe he is just not a great debater. What does debating have to do with leading a country?

  3. Debatable says:

    Mitt RoMONEY looks like he is looking out for the interests of his FRIENDS…BIG OIL. He just could not keep from talking about helping them….ruin our water…and our air….and our health.

    1. Soros Troll Alert says:

      As you can tell by the atrocious grammar and complete lack of political knowledge, this is a paid Soros troll. I’m guessing… hm… eighth grade. Trying to make enough money to buy his next Xbox game.

      1. Rich says:

        Wouldn’t a paid troll have excellent grammar, to say nothing of above normal political knowledge.
        I am sure they would be out of the eighth grade. Although most general information is written at the eighth grade level for easy understanding.
        You mean the Soros does give XBox games out for free. Isn’t it too capitalistic to have people pay for them. For that matter, why are any of the 47% getting paid. That violates our victimhood and sense of entitlement.
        Shouldn’t it be Sorosian Troll , and the as a name – Sorosian Troll Alerter or Alamist. Maybe the safest way would just to be STA.
        Just some useless thoughts to add to your useless posting.

        1. Rich's New Best Friend says:

          Boy Howdy!! *YOU’RE* one to talk about bad grammar. Have you read anything that you have written?

          1. Rich says:

            I should no better than to use Cerebral Humor to an unequipped audience.

          2. Rich's New Best Friend says:

            Hey man, I’m your new best friend! Don’t get all mad at me. I’m here to help. I’m equipped to help make your argumentative points even better!

    2. abadilla says:

      Why don’t you give us your “real” name? What are you afraid of? “he is looking out for the interests of his FRIENDS…BIG OIL” Class struggle and dividing the American people won’t work here. Envy is a sin, even if it is envy of the rich. You have not presented any evidence for your accusation. BTW, is Romney, not RoMoney or are you just trying to be cute with a play of words? You might want to be able to spell the name of the next President of the United States!

      1. BufordJr says:

        He doesn’t give his “real” name for the same reason you don’t give your real name, Yabba Dabba Doo!

        1. Mara says:

          BufordJr, if you’re not a stand-up comic, you should be. Getting a laugh on this site is rare. Thanks for the levity. “Oh, you’re a hedge.”

          1. BufordJr says:

            You’re welcome. All that a person _can do_ with angry people who say, “you walk in DARKNESS with your master Satan!” is laugh, otherwise that person begins to share a part of their insanity.

        2. abadilla says:

          “He doesn’t give his “real” name for the same reason you don’t give your real name.” A Badilla IS my real name.” As of matter of fact, here is the whole Spanish name, Antonio Alberto Badilla Monestel de La Trinidad. Is that enough for you? I, unlike many here, have nothing to hide.
          Now, are you wipping the you know what off your face?

  4. Oh Tom. By cost, less than 10% of these green energy companies have gone belly-up which means that 90% are still in business and moving our country forward. That’s a pretty phenomenal record by any stretch of the imagination (so says the Christian Science Monitor). Oil companies get $41 billion in government hand-outs EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Why are you complaining about the one time green energy incentives that have cost taxpayers practically nothing compared to what we have given away to the oil companies in one single year? Oh right, because green energy is something that Obama supports.

    I’d much rather have my tax dollars going to fund the researchers and workers that are building wind, solar, geothermal energy right here in the great USA, than to have my tax dollars going to fund the muslim radicals in Saudi Arabia. I guess you like funding the radical muslims.

    1. randall says:

      And here come the trolls to mess up what could have been a perfectly good discussion on how evil and incompetent Hussein is. Can someone please permaban these losers?

      1. no RoMONEY fan says:

        The truth hurts, doesnt it?

        1. abadilla says:

          Yes, it must hurt that your guy has a “record” he can’t possibly defend. Have you talked to any of the 23 million Americans without a job lately? Have you tried to put gas in your tank lately? Are you sleeping well at night knowing another ambassador might be murdered while Obama flies to Vegas for more money for his campaign? Are you sleeping well as Iran continues to get closer to a nuclear bomb? Are you sleeping well at night knowing that Syria is openly provoking Turkey into a major war yet the man in the White House is too busy to even say something about it and prefers to have interviews with the ladies of “The View,” which, of course, is the Left View?Are you aware Obama is persecuting Catholic institutions and demanding they provide abortion and contraceptives which is antithetical to Catholicism? Is this truth “hurting” enough?

        2. Julie T. says:

          Troll alert! Which one are you and why is it that NONE of you have a scintilla of integrity to use your REAL names? You walk in darkness.

          1. BufordJr says:

            @b757c407da7f44012bcef06cbcbf27ca:disqus : I think you are really a militant atheist who is infiltrating this site, posing as a Christian in order to make Christians look absolutely batty. You are doing a bang-up job, Julie!

          2. Julie T. says:

            No, I am a Catholic who is fed up with abusive trolls like yourself regardless of which of your many identities you use here. Your modus operandi is to swoop into any and all blog posts and disseminate rude, demeaning, insulting, and generally useless snark in the combox. When too many Catholic Vote community members take you to task, you then take the coward’s way out and give yourself a new pseudonym. You are trolls, you are bullies, and you are Not. Welcome. Here.

          3. BufordJr says:

            @b757c407da7f44012bcef06cbcbf27ca:disqus Ohhhhhhhh…you know you like me!

          4. Guest says:

            @b757c407da7f44012bcef06cbcbf27ca:disqus: I picture you as a dead-ringer for Nurse Diesel in Mel Brooks’s “High Anxiety”!

          5. BufordJr says:

            @b757c407da7f44012bcef06cbcbf27ca:disqus: Nah I don’t BUY that one bit. I swear you were sent here by Richard Dawkins himself on a search-and-destroy mission. I think Julie T. you’re angling for an Order of Lenin medal!

      2. Mara says:

        randall, what would you do without these people? You’re not here for a discussion. You’re here for confrontation. You love it. You troll this site to find these people so you can bitch. Be honest.

        1. Julie T. says:

          Troll alert! “Mara” is also “Mary” and “Tom” and others. Another busy spreader of Satan’s darkness.

          1. Rich says:

            Are you saying that Tom Crowe is spreading Satan’s Darkness. I thought he was in charge of the highlights. (maybe too subtle?)

          2. Julie T. says:

            Rich-Hiding-Now-As-Guest, you know perfectly well that “Mara” has at times suddenly morphed into someone named “Tom” AFTER Catholic Vote community members have replied to her BY NAME. You *also* know perfectly well it was NOT Tome Crowe trolling his own blog post. Go away, bully. Just. Go. Away.

          3. BufordJr says:

            @b757c407da7f44012bcef06cbcbf27ca:disqus: You’re cute when you go into your Nurse Diesel persona.

          4. Mara says:

            Julie T., as frightening as it may seem to you, the others who sometimes agree with me are actually not me but other individuals who at times, don’t agree with you. It’s not a conspiracy, even though you apparently need to believe otherwise. I’m not Rich nor am I Tom. I’m Mara. I have no personal need to morph into someone else unless Tom Crowe kicks me off the site. I’m confident that that won’t happen because Tom and I have an agreement to disagree. It works out well for both of us.

          5. Mara says:

            Thank-you abadilla, for following me around. It comforts me.

      3. BufordJr says:

        I hope they DO permaban me, just like they do on the “Catholic” Vote Facebook page! That way, they’ll look even more ridiculous than they already do!
        Do you know, Rockin’ Randall Hank, what the technical name is for a “discussion” where everybody back-pats one another and agrees with one another? It’s a compound term, that begins with the world “circle” and ends with another word.

    2. Julie T. says:

      Troll alert! And this one has the bad taste to employ a reference to the papacy in working for spiritual darkness.

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