Obama Faith-Based Appointee Frets: Bishops Trying to “Impose Catholic Dogma on All U.S. Citizens”

There’s crazy …there’s nuts …and then there’s Huffington Post op-eds.

What’s worse is that this particular example of Catholic-derangement syndrome, courtesy of the Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson, comes from a self-proclaimed “spiritual activist, pastor and lesbian” who was appointed by President Obama in 2011 to his White House Council on Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

So much for the Faith Based office fostering understanding and cooperation between communities of different faiths. Nancy’s 600-word screed against Catholic teaching (and Archbishop Dolan in particular) is a focused attempt to demonize Catholics and claim that they are complicit or responsible for such things as “arson, beatings, family rejection, suicide and job dismissal.”

Nancy claims that her church, the “Metropolitican Community Church” (MCC) “saves lives, souls, and families.” The implication being that the Catholic Church destroys lives, souls and families.

…these malicious claims of themselves deserve condemnation. But this line takes the cake:

“…like most threatening letters, [Arch]bishop [Dolan]’s words actually pulled back the curtain on the hierarchy’s not-so-veiled efforts to impose Catholic dogma on all U.S. citizens.

How laughable. But coming from a woman with her position, how offensive. Can you imagine a member of Obama’s faith based advisory council claiming that Jewish rabbis are trying to impose the Torah on all U.S. citizens? There would be an outcry over that.

But wait, there’s more. Nancy spends a good deal of her time arguing that Catholics ought to be forced out of social services such as adoption and foster care (and numerous other charitable activities). She specifically cites the case of Illinois where the newly-implemented same-sex civil unions bill is forcing Catholic dioceses in that state to stop doing adoptions and foster care (I explain the situation here) as a good thing, in her mind.

In other words, a member of Obama’s faith-based and neighborhood partnerships is actually advocating to force Catholics out of faith-based charity and neighborhood partnership.

Nancy is so blinded by her ideological vendetta against the Church’s teaching on homosexuality and marriage that she is willing to see Catholic Charities such as these — including the children they help — dismantled and shuttered:

In recent years, the Catholic Charities social service agencies, including CSS of Southern Illinois, have been ranked at or near the top when measured against the performance of all other comparable Illinois agencies. Altogether the four Catholic social service agencies have 2,179 children in placement with foster families, and 1933 families under supervision. Roughly, they serve about a quarter of Illinois’ abandoned, abused, and neglected children, achieving the paramount goal of “permanency” in a remarkable number of cases and proving especially fruitful in recruiting new foster parents willing to care for needy kids. [Thomas More Society]

Nancy’s proposal that Catholics get out of the foster and adoption care arena is simply a lose-lose situation. Nothing is served by forcing successful Catholic charities out of the public square, nothing except punitive damages leveraged against an institution that Nancy has decided is hateful and unworthy of public accommodation. For someone who spends so much of her time complaining that the Church is hurting people, she is categorically dismissive of even this one example of real harm being done to children in Catholic foster care when her anti-Catholic attitudes are the culprit.

I don’t have any questions for Nancy, her views are clear. But I do have this question for the Obama administration and its Faith Based Council: do they agree with and support their members publicly advocating for the exclusion of Catholics from administering social services in the public square?

You are welcome to join me in asking the Faith Based Council for its reply.



  • Barbara O’R

    It’s totally shameful for Dr. Nancy Wilson to proclaim anything. She has to much hatred taking over her brain. Who gives her the right to be out there critizing Catholics. I know that the Catholic church is doing all it can for the unfortunate children left behind, Interesting to know what generosity comes out of her house of worship, That is if there is one. We need to pray for people like her and many like her. I find the Catholic Church extremely generous with all of their programs for the needy. Maybe Dr. Wilson could match the generosity of the Catholic Churchs.

    • Mare

      What I find odd also is that Rev Wilson has no kids yet inserts her opinions into adoption agencies. She also has never served in the military yet also stuck her nose into DADT. She is using the homosexual pulpit as a way to make lots of money and further her own self interests.

  • irishsmile

    The problem is not the Catholic Church attempting force its Theology on others; the obvious problem is the state attempting to force Godless Socialism on people of faith.

  • David E

    To paraphrase Dr. Johnson: A female lesbian clergyman is like a dog walking on its hind legs. It is not done well; the wonder is that it is done at all. Really sick of these creeps.

  • Jim

    Wow, that Nancy looks a lot like Ducky from NCIS !



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