Obama records a video for NARAL

It’s worth noting, isn’t it? That if Romney had won the election, there would be no talk of false ‘accommodations’ with the HHS mandate. The mandate would be gone.

And we also wouldn’t have this…

The President of the United States recorded a message for NARAL Pro-Choice America, which celebrated the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade on Tuesday.

“To everyone at NARAL Pro-Choice America, thank you for your tireless advocacy,” Obama said. “I couldn’t be prouder of the work each of you is doing.”

By the way…

Why don’t Republican Presidents do this for pro-life groups? I remember my frustration that George W. Bush placed a phone call to the March for Life when we were all located about 200 feet from his house.

Really? Phoning it in?

I understand that Presidents don’t usually attend political rallies. But if Obama can record a video message, why can’t the next Republican President cut a video for the March for Life? C’mon folks, it’s the 21st Century.



  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brian-Wise/1205779077 Brian Wise

    President Obama respects and trusts the women of America. He doesn’t treat them like children who “don’t know what they’re doing!” and “need to be told what to do by Godly men!” Good for you, Mr. President!

    • abadilla

      “President Obama respects and trusts the women of America.”
      Of course he does, he wants to make sure they can all butcher their own children and vote for the Democratic Party by giving them contraceptives and the “right” to do with their bodies as they pleased. That’s why he paraded Miss Fluke in front of millions of people and was ashamed of mentioning God in his own convention. This is why the man has zero moral credibility to say anything in this country even if he lives in the same house where great heroes lived like Abraham Lincoln, a real President.

  • whartman4

    I wonder if Obama will call the notorius, late-term abortionist here in Gaithersburg, MD, who just killed a young woman and her child in a very late-term botched abortion attempt? WIll he call him to say how proud he is of the work he is doing? Will Obama call the young womans family to tell them how sorry he is for the loss of their daughter and grandchild? The young woman had flown in from out of state since not many states allow this atrocity, but here in MD its abortion on demand, all the time any time, no probs. I am so ashamed.
    But the president, and fellow ‘c’atholics O’Malley and Mikulski along with Cardin, Ruppersberger and every Democrat is fine with abortion and protects this monstrous, grizzly ‘procedure’.
    How anyone, any medical board, any politician, any sentient human being can promote and defend this ‘procedure’ is beyond the imagination. You must be so very proud, Mr. Obama.
    You must be so proud, Maryland Democrats, you must be so proud and grateful to all the ‘c’atholics, too, who helped vote all of you into office. May God have mercy on us.

  • jerry

    I think if the Republican Party had done a video such as this that the majority of citizens would not have been in favor of it since the majority of citizens are pro-abortion, or at least that’s what I’ve read.

    • abadilla

      Actually, the opposite is true, the majority of people in this country is pro-life and young people more than any other group and they are the future of this country.

  • http://www.OneBillionStories.com/ OneBillionStories.com

    Empowerment of babies in the womb too!

  • http://www.facebook.com/pmeiners1 Pat Meiners

    Obama’s words. “Where all Americans can reach their potential.” What about all the dead babies not given the chance to reach their potential. You are such an ass.

    • abadilla

      “You are such an ass.”
      Is that a comment about Mr. Mercer or about Obama?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ellen-Butler-Dougherty/1351090127 Ellen Butler Dougherty

    Yeah Naral- let’s hear it for the 50 million plus babies you have helped to get killed over the past 40 years. Hitler would have been proud of you!

    • Msgr. Charles M. Mangan

      J.M.J. And, Ellen, the 50 to 55 million number is only surgical abortions. Let us not forget the millions and millions of additional abortions that are chemical in nature, that is caused by pills, injections and devices. May God have mercy on us through Mary, our Chaste, Ever-Virgin Mother.



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