Obama vs. Religious Liberty: 5 Notable Updates

1) My list of bishops who have spoken out against the Obama/HHS mandate now stands at 115. So well over half of the U.S. bishops who head dioceses have spoken out.

2) Senator Marco Rubio today introduced a bill (“the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 2012″) to repeal the Obama/HHS mandate. This is significant because the Democrat-controlled Senate will be the hardest obstacle to overcome on the way to getting legislation to President Obama’s desk to overturn this onerous law.

3) Pat Buchanan predicts that Catholics can win this fight if they play for keeps:

Not only should the bishops file suit in federal court against the president and Sebelius for violation of the constitutional principle of separation of church and state, they should inform the White House that no bishop will give an invocation at the Democratic Convention.

Then, they should inform the White House that in the last two weeks of the 2012 campaign, priests in every parish will read from the pulpit at Sunday mass a letter denouncing Obama as anti-Catholic for denying the Church its right to live according to its beliefs.

If Obama loses the Catholic vote, he loses the election.

The White House will come around, fast. Rely upon it.

4) Brian Montopoli of CBSNews’ Political Hotsheet blog has to win the prize for most anti-Catholic biased headline: “Catholics hear anti-Obama letter in church” — are you kidding me? GetReligion has good coverage of the Media ignoring the controversy.

5) As far as gauging Catholics-in-the-pews reaction to these statements from the bishop I have been monitoring, Catholics in Green Bay gave their bishop a standing ovation after he read his statement after Mass (I’m no fan for applause during Mass, but if you’re going to applaud anything after Mass, this is a good choice):



  • Kim Sullivan

    Thank you for calling attention to this important issue. It is alarming to me how many Catholics continue to support President Barack Obama despite the HHS Mandate. But it with his entire agenda that I take exception. He is deceptive, anti-religious and Marxist. In fact the more I learn about him, the more frightened I become—and I’ve been a Democrat all of my life! The sad thing is many Democrats have no idea just how radical Obama is. I’ve attempted to have discussions with some of my peers about this very issue. Whenever I attempt to provide them with proof, sometimes using his own words as underpinnings for my conclusions, they often become angry and abusive. I live in Seattle and if you even question the Obama agenda, you are maligned by outrageous alligations of racism and called a far right lunatic. Democrats have become bullies. It is as though they have become infected with a sort of psychotic self-righteousness where he is concerned. Unfortunately, they are often long on emotional investment and short on facts when it comes to the policies he’s forced onto the American people. I voted for Obama but I certainly won’t make the mistake again! He presented himself as a church-going, God-fearing man. As soon as he entered office he stopped going to church altogether. Why keep up the charade? In fact he is the first president in the history of the United States not to attend church regularly. The under-reported fact that his Church gave a life-time achievement award to an anti-semetic, Louis Farrakahn was enough to give me pause. Go see 2016: Obama’s America if you don’t believe me. Forget about “speaking out” against the mandate. Don’t vote for Obama, period.

  • Gary W

    Warning to Mr. Buchanan. If all the priest at all the masses denounce Obama 2 weeks before the election it will almost certainly backfire. I realize you, and many of your fans on this site don’t want to be reminded of this but Americans, Catholic or otherwise really despise being told how to vote. Whatever sympathy you have will fly out the door. I know you don’t believe this, but just watch. The vast majority of Catholics practice birth control that the Church officially denounces, and most polls show support for this mandate. It’s early, and other factors will weigh in on this election, i.e. the economy and possible war with Iran, but barring something unforseen occuring to shift things dramatically Obama will win in November by at least 4 per cent, and probably take the Catholic vote by 5-6 per cent.

  • Margie

    I totally agree with Jerry. The Republicans should ask Archbishop Dolan (Cardinal) to give the opening invocation for the GOP Convention this August!

  • Jerry

    The Republicans should ask Archbishop Dolan (Cardinal) to give the opening Invocation for the GOP Convention in Tampa in August.

    Were he to accept, that would send a message.



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