Obama wins the Catholic vote.

The most pro-abortion person ever to be in the White House; the person who has launched the most significant assault on religious liberty in this country since our founding… won the Catholic vote.

That adequately explains why I am entirely and completely unimpressed with the anger of the pastor at a parish who called me, irate that a group of volunteers I organized were putting pro-life leaflets on cars in his parish parking lot. He complained about how much difficulty it will cause him.

Difficulty? What difficulty? He didn’t know we were going to do it, so there is no possibility of legal difficulties.

The material was entirely consistent with the Church’s teaching on life and a Catholic’s obligations vis-a-vis voting and the “non-negotiables,” so it couldn’t possibly be controversial among his parishoners, could it?

One of the most powerful spots on the planet. Souls can be emboldened for the good or scandalized. Minds can be enlightened or confused. Hearts can be set afire or made lukewarm.

I mean, if his parishoners are well informed on the issues and well educated by their teachers in the faith concerning what is and what is not negotiable then the worst problem would be a few leaflets fluttering around in the breeze after parishoners left.

Perhaps a few parishoners who refused to accept the teaching of the Church might be upset, and perhaps a few might call him, thinking he had orchestrated the leafletting. In that case, it seems like a grand opportunity to collect a wayward sheep and coax him back to the fold, while assuring the parishoner that he, the pastor, had absolutely nothing to do with, nor knowledge of, the leaflets being distributed. So that’s not really a difficulty—it’s his job.

I’m flush out of what the difficulty might be. Whatever it is, I’ll wager that it pales in comparison to the difficulty a child in the womb feels during an abortion. Anyhow, I think you know where I’m going with this.

The Romney campaign was horrid at Hispanic/Latino outreach, which accounts for them not getting much of that vote. But not voting for one guy doesn’t mean one automatically votes for the other guy. If Catholics of any ethnicity cast a vote for a politician as antithetical to Catholic non-negotiables as Obama, that strongly suggests a failure on the part of those charged with forming the faithful on their faith and the duties the faith requires.

That sort of failure doesn’t happen just in the weeks and months leading up to the election, it goes back years.

All the faithful have a duty to educate themselves and one another on responsible citizenship, but if the shepherds do not lead the sheep scatter. There will, naturally, be some sheep who persist in their error and refuse to be led—we still have free will, pride, and concupiscence; and God ratifies our choices. But those ought to be the exception, not the majority. Sheep who ignore the shepherd and persistently leave the fold get eaten by wolves.

Christ said we are to be the salt of the earth, to season it, draw out its goodness. But if salt loses its flavor it is useless. It seasons nothing. It is worthy only to be cast out and trodden underfoot.



  • Nobody likes a Prophet

    In American we speak of the right
    to choose, the right to seek that which we want, what makes us feel warm and
    fuzzy inside. Disregard that which we were created for and what we are called
    to be. We talk about the social issues, care for the poor, feeding those in
    need, sheltering the outcast, and those to be sure are good and laudable
    things. But if we do those things and neglect the most basic right of every
    human being conceived, animated by the very breath of God, we’ve missed the
    point. With 3,288 abortions every day in the United States that’s 137 per hour,
    9 every 4 minutes, 1 every 26 seconds, 1.2 million per year, you can not claim
    that these social programs, as good as they may be, are more important. This is
    not by any stretch a new problem, in the Old Testament Solomon trying to please
    his foreign wives built a temple to the god Molech and these women would rub
    their babies with oil, dress them in fine clothes, cover them in flowers, and
    throw them in the fire at Molech’s altar; in search of something different. The
    cult of Molech is alive and well in the United States, we call it by
    another name, “Choice”, “Women’s health srevices”, the
    result is the same; we sacrifice our children in search of something different.
    Be sure, there will be a price to pay, there was for Israel, and there will be for us.
    Our best bet, pray for a conversion of heart starting with the president and
    those in his administration that call them selves “Catholics”. We are
    to be sure entering another phase in the history of our country, we are on a
    slippery slope, and our election has greased the skids, hang on and get ready
    for the ride.

    • Julie T.

      Thank you. Yours is also a very well-thought-out contribution to this thread.

  • Barbara

    I also, put out pamphlets and was run off 2 different parishes in Winter Park Fl… The deacon said the pastor would get heat…. It’s about time the pastors take some heat..for Jesus… Do they forget Jesus took more than heat for us… He gave His life… I left the pamphlets on 3/4 of the cars Mass was just about over. What is the next step to educate the pastors or give them a severe reprimand for not standing up for our Catholic beliefs. Come on Catholics we are supposed to be Bold and spread the Word..

    • Julie T.

      Sometimes I think the only way we might command the attention of *all* the American bishops would be for all faithful Catholics to migrate from the Latin Rite to one of Eastern Catholic rites. Even then, apostate clergy would likely not notice, but I’m fairly certain the Holy Father would —and demand an accounting by the entire USCCB. They are allowing a situation to develop that could result in a rupture like that which produced the Church of England, “Catholic” only in outward appearances.

  • Mara

    Tom, you’re really treading water. Do you actually believe that the majority of Catholics who voted for Obama aren’t aware of the women’s rights stance of the Catholic Church and all they need is literature? These Catholics are well informed regarding the women’s rights issues and know that the Catholic Church’s stance is erroneous. Move on. Whatever you’re going for isn’t going to happen. Women’s right of choice has been dramatically upheld in this election and it wasn’t because of a lack of knowledge on the issue but rather just the opposite.

    • Randall

      I have had enough of this horrid, pro-death, anti-Catholic whore, whose quest for unlimited contraceptive “rights” seem to trump everything else in her life, including Christ Our Lord. For the sake of everyone at this site, especially those who are easily influenced, someone needs to BAN her from ever posting here again. Then we can focus on how to defeat the cult of death liberal movement that she champions.

      • Mara

        Good Morning Randall. May you have a pleasant day.

        • Tony Love

          Mara, I have battled you tooth-and-nail on other threads . . . I vehemently disagree with your positions , , , and I believe that you are completely wrong about a number of subjects; however, I would like you to know that I repudiate the unkindness that was shown to you when you were called a bad name above and I hasten to thank you for the kindness that you showed on two occasions above to that person who uttered the nasty moniker in your direction. Peace be with you, Mara. My Prayers for you.

          • Mara

            Tony, thank-you. Randall goes hyper because he or she wants attention. He’s like a small child throwing a temper tantrum. His or her words don’t bother me at all.

      • GREG SMITH

        Tom, Joshua et. al: Above we have Mara being called a whore. A few weeks ago Thomas was called a rapist and earlier someone implied he was a closet case. Enough!

        Here are the guidelines my friend Malinda Selmys, a blogger for Our Sunday Visitor uses. You all miggt consider using them.


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        We want to host a constructive but civil discussion. With that in mind we ask you to observe these basics of civilized discourse:

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        2. Assume the goodwill of the other person, especially when you disagree.

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        • Northeaster

          If these rules were followed, the CV columnists couldn’t post their articles.

          • Joe M

            You failed #2.

        • Joe M

          I agree with Greg Smith. I think that this site would benefit from basic rules like these and some banning of individuals who have no interest in genuine discussion or debate. Opposing viewpoints: Great. Spam: Detracts from the site for everyone else.

        • http://twitter.com/TomCrowe Tom Crowe

          Greg— I lost all ability to moderate comments when we went to this new system. I would have deleted, or at least edited, the comment in which Mara was called that word. I have expressed my opinion to Josh.

      • Alex R.

        I strongly disagree with Mara, too, Randall. But we should not call her a harlot. How would we know?

      • BufordJr

        Gee, somewhere in one of my catechisms, there is a sin listed which is described as “detraction” which you just did, and it is a MORTAL sin, little Randall. I suggest you stay away from Holy Communion until you repent of what you just did, and confess your sin to a confessor.

        • Father Power

          Buford Jr., I would gladly hear your Confession.

          • BufordJr

            I’ll give you my confession, phony phather…

          • Howard Cohen

            Buford, Troll Face says, “You mad, bro?”

          • Father Power

            Buford Jr., I am a priest and will hear your Confession. Why the insult? Please don’t delay.

        • Rich Baumbergin

          Buford Jr., read your Catechism again: you mean calumny, not detraction. You owe Mara–and Randall–an apology.

    • Joe M

      Mara. Your position makes no sense. “Catholics know what it means to be Catholic and they know it’s wrong?” If that were true, why do they continue to identify as Catholic? Do they not know that it’s voluntary?

    • http://twitter.com/TomCrowe Tom Crowe

      First, abortion was not the issue this election was decided on, so no, abortion “rights” were not dramatically upheld. This election was about the economy first, Romney’s personal inability to really connect with people, and an impressive ground game by the Obama campaign. Abortion was, essentially, a non-issue.
      Second, you keep using such euphemistic language, as though “women’s rights” means “right to learn how to read and wear shoes” instead of what it is: the “right” to kill her child in her womb. The Church’s stance that this is always and everywhere wrong is not erroneous, and it will never change.

      • MoronicTC

        Every single “legitimate rape” senator or house representative was defeated. How can you claim it wasn’t an issue?

      • Mara

        Tom, abortion (women’s rights) was a main issue as well as the economy. Many Obama voters wanted to vote for Romney but didn’t because of Romney’s and Ryan’s stance on women’s rights. I’ve spoken to many of these people. Romney may very well have won if he upheld women’s right of choice. I voted the Libertarian line because of Romney’s stance. Americans will never vote for a candidate who wants to move us back to the Dark Ages. The anti-choice agenda is dead in the water in this country.

        • Tony Love

          Mara, it isn’t a return to the Dark Ages to defend innocent human life from abortion. We are called to do just that. We may lose our careers, freedoms and even lives over it, but it is that necessary.

  • faith and reason

    I don’t understand why I have not heard one homily in 3 different church’s I attend addressing the persecution of the church for her firm stand on life. All life in all stages?? Really the ‘beliefs’ are not the underlying problem. The mass brainwashing of society to stop birth in any way for any reason has overshadowed Catholics from supporting their religion’s RIGHT to take part in or not take part in bible related issues in our society. One needn’t defend the teaching attacked in their homily but isn’t our spiritual leadership in our parishes compelled to cry out against the injustice of the HHS mandate? even if only in a way confirming that one is entitled to their conscience without even mentioning contraception and abortion? When priests and pastors are afraid of their own parish and do not get totally behind their own religious freedom, when The catholic population denies who we are as Catholics makes it much easier for me in the coming couple of years as at least one third of the parishes in Brooklyn and queens are closed down. Might even enjoy the consternation, protests and complaints which no doubt will be the loudest and largest from the majority that voted against the faith in this election.

    • catholicmidwest

      Don’t blame the general culture first. Blame ignorant cradle Catholics who can’t be bothered to learn what the Church really teaches.

      • faith & reason

        I believe we also lost the hispanic vote which seems to me to be overwhelmingly pro life. Why? Because of immigration. Well, before the election, in my church there were announcements during mass concerning the presidents law concerning young illegals. Explaining (full in spanish and a recap by the pastor in english) the parameters of the new law, directed all concerned to the parish committee waiting in the narthex with written info and told those concerned they did not need any money. I guess my parish is footing the bill for any filing fees and whatnot. So basically my own church campaigned for the president they are suing? Not to criticize helping the illegal vulnerable already here. The problem is there has been nothing from parishioners, parish or clergy concerning religious liberty. The participating, cradle catholics in my parish know the teachings, don’t agree and organize committees and ministries that make my whole parish a cafeteria community! As I said before, my parish is not the only one I attend, another is not quite as openly progressive but it does avoid the true battles our church is facing. This in my opinion is the caused by crushing propaganda on the part of our politically correct liberal society (at least in NYC and other large metros) that is now controlling the majority of our 50 states to go against their basic foundation. It will become increasingly difficult for the pro life, pro marriage, pro immigration reform, pro right to work, pro true energy independence, pro strong political influence in the world party to win future elections if we can’t match and counteract competently the liberal MMS media’s and US education (even in our own Catholic schools) propaganda machine. The pulpit and parish is not political but it is our leadership and direction. If both are not actively behind religious liberty no matter which ‘cafeteria’ plate is attacked, then we are in for divisive spiritual future. If both are ignoring the politically incorrect teachings, then we are lost sheep.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brian-Wise/1205779077 Brian Wise

    My Catholic conscience is guilt-free after voting for President Obama. The idea that a Catholic must vote Republican is laughable. The idea that a Catholic cannot vote Democratic is laughable. If the abortion issue is YOUR most important issue, fine, vote your conscience. I have no quarrel with you. Follow your conscience. But don’t call me “a bad Catholic” because I don’t share YOUR view that the Republican Party is a “Pro-Life” party. In my humble opinion, it is not.

    • http://twitter.com/TomCrowe Tom Crowe

      Reading comprehension is your friend, but apparently not your strong suit. Nowhere did I say you must vote Republican and must not vote Democrat. For the record, I voted for at least one of each because that individual candidate was the best. And it ain’t just my opinion that defense of life is the number one issue, that’s the position of the Church you claim to be part of. See to it yourself.

    • Joe M

      Brian Wise. Which issue do you think is more important in Catholic terms than protecting the lives of the innocent from being killed?

      • BufordJr

        Gee, nothing is more important than protecting the lives of innocent being killed. Something that should occur to conservative Catholics who cheered on Bush and Cheney and their illegal invasion of Iraq, which killed hundreds of thousands of innocent lives.

        • Joe M

          You mean the legal and just war in Iraq that removed a dictator whose regime had and was continuing to kill hundreds of thousands?

          Or, are you referring to some other war in your imagination?

    • Stephen Samson

      If you are a “bad Catholic,” Brian Wise, it is not for the reason that you failed to vote for a Republican Rather, it would because you did not advance the Gospel of Life when you had the chance.

  • Ed Adams

    Many official Church teachings are intrinsically disordered. A lot of Catholics understand that. Not the right wing wackos who frequent this site.

    • Shawn

      No, you are absolutely wrong. The Catholic church teaches the Truth, and that Truth has been the same since the Ascension.



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