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CatholicVote.org is a lay-led movement of committed Catholics who are passionate about living out the truths proclaimed by Christ and His Church in the modern world. We are joined in this mission by many individuals of other faith traditions (and no faith tradition) because the common good we seek is universal to all men and women of goodwill. As patriotic Americans, we believe that life, faith, and freedom are precious rights, and that the family is the foundational unit of society.

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  1. Howard Rickabaugh on

    You talk about fixing our broken immigration system. I would like to know how it is broken other than it not being enforced. I am sorry about the children brought here by their parents illegally but illegal is illegal. They need to be deported and come back the proper way not be given a place in line ahead of those who apply the legal way. They can be thankful for the time they were given here by an unlawful president.

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