Obamacare’s Deeper Problems: Three Views


I’d like to follow up on CatholicVote’s most recent posting, which notes that the problems with the health care law go deeper than mere problems with the website.  Problems with the website are essentially technical problems.  They can probably be resolved sooner or later.

These problems are relatively simple to understand, and so have monopolized a lot of the reporting and commentary on the new law’s launch.  Alongside that discussion, however, there has also been some less-noticed discussion suggesting that there may be more fundamental flaws in the structure of the law, ones that might make it work out poorly on the whole even after the website problems are solved.  Here are three views of this question from three somewhat different kinds of commentators.


Ezra Klein is a liberal policy writer for the Washington Post who has been a fairly reliable defender of the law.

Peter Schiff is a libertarian economic analyst.

Yuval Levin is a conservative policy analyst who writes for National Review.

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