Obama’s former press secy: ‘It’s very tough to see how the Democrats retain the Senate’

Robert Gibbs, White House Press Secretary for Obama from 2009 to Feb 2011, said that if current poll numbers continue for Democrats, then Republicans are likely to gain control of the United States Senate. Democrats hold a strong edge right now at 55-45.

Here is Gibbs talking with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell and Chuck Todd:

Just 330 days to Election 2014…


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  • Ben Warren

    Democrats are devouring this country. They support the graduated income tax, contrary, to the natural law, the plain condemnation of St. Thomas Aquinas, and the condemnation of St. Augustine. They ought to be threatened with excommunication.

  • Mark

    Bryan, you my friend are one very misinformed person.

  • Matt

    Obamacare is the current hot topic right now. Before that it was the government shutdown, and Republicans took the blame for that. My point is, we still have over 300 days til the next election and that is enough time for a completely new issue to take front stage and influence favorability polls. War with Iran, maybe?

    • Joshua Mercer

      You are correct that the events could easily change a dozen times.

  • John Sposato

    I hope he’s right. However, do not underestimate the ability of Republicans to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

  • Bryan

    If us Dems lose the senate god help this country and the forsaken republican party



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