Obama’s Legacy: 10 Dubious Firsts

Obama 2008 Presidential CampaignHow will Obama’s presidency be remembered? We quickly learn in life that people tend to notice what we actually do more than our self-assessment.

Obama’s administration  is one thing in news commentaries and press releases. It will be quite another in history books.

Here are 10 Obama presidential “firsts” and suggestions of how they might define him.

A War President

1. He is the first U.S. President whose military plans provoked a Pope to call for a worldwide day of prayer and fasting for peace.

2. Heck, he is the First Nobel Peace Prize winner to draw peace activists of all kinds to protest his  foreign policy at his house.

An Anti-Religion President

3. He is the first president to promote a major change to public morals opposed by every major religion: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism all define marriage as the union of a man and woman.  Obama doesn’t.

4. He is also the first president to demand that a major religious group fund practices that it considers intrinsically evil, in this case demanding that Catholics fund contraceptives and abortifacients in the original HHS Mandate.

5. He is the first President to forbid military chaplains to accurately pass on their church’s teaching (regarding the HHS Mandate).

6.  And he is also the first to ban military chaplains from saying Mass — even as volunteers (in the government shutdown).

A One-Party President

7. He is the first president to enact major social legislation (which brought us the HHS mandate) without a single vote from outside his party.

8. That social legislation, Obamacare, made him the first president to shut down the Lincoln Memorial and other national parks rather than negotiate with members of the other party.

The Abortion President

9. Not only is Obama the first president to have voted to deny rights to infants after they are born (yes, he really did), but he is the first president to provide taxpayer-funded abortions to federal employees.

The Redeemed President?

10. But he still has time. Just as he blinked on Syria, and backed off of his firm plans, he could do the same in other matters as well. What if he decided to work with both parties? What if he accepted the advice of the bumper-sticker and decided to “Coexist” with the beliefs of Martin Luther King Jr. and other religious people on marriage? What if he gave military Catholics freedom of worship and civilian Catholics freedom of conscience? What if he ratified the Declaration of Independence’s insistence on the right to life?

Alas, such a significant change in course would be another first. But we pray for peace … so why not pray for that?

  • Brennan Ravan

    I agree that we shouldn’t hold our breathes. We would all die from the lack of oxygen 1000 times over and he still wouldn’t change his idiotic viewpoints at all.

  • Allan Wafkowski

    Obama is demonstrably evil.

    Hardly matters to most Catholics. Ninety percent of Catholics no longer believe the teachings of Christ and his church, which explains why 50% or more Catholics voted for the Obama demon.

  • Leslie M

    Sean, how exactly do you propose that we fund the health care mandate, when we, as a country, are already 17 trillion dollars in debt? And have you attempted to sign up for health care yet? Finally, how is it right for the health care mandate to force Catholics and other Christian groups to provide for services that we believe are wrong?

  • john son of john

    God bless

    keep with the Truth!!!

  • John Fiarkoski

    Obama is on target to transform this nation. He has stated all along that his goal is change. Troubling to me is the number of catholics who follow his beliefs, abortion, gay marriage, anti religion,etc,etc. Truly evil at work,yet 53 % of Catholics believe in him?????

  • Chris

    I’m not holding my breath for this guy to do the right thing any more.



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