Obama’s Legacy: 10 Dubious Firsts

Obama 2008 Presidential CampaignHow will Obama’s presidency be remembered? We quickly learn in life that people tend to notice what we actually do more than our self-assessment.

Obama’s administration  is one thing in news commentaries and press releases. It will be quite another in history books.

Here are 10 Obama presidential “firsts” and suggestions of how they might define him.

A War President

1. He is the first U.S. President whose military plans provoked a Pope to call for a worldwide day of prayer and fasting for peace.

2. Heck, he is the First Nobel Peace Prize winner to draw peace activists of all kinds to protest his  foreign policy at his house.

An Anti-Religion President

3. He is the first president to promote a major change to public morals opposed by every major religion: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism all define marriage as the union of a man and woman.  Obama doesn’t.

4. He is also the first president to demand that a major religious group fund practices that it considers intrinsically evil, in this case demanding that Catholics fund contraceptives and abortifacients in the original HHS Mandate.

5. He is the first President to forbid military chaplains to accurately pass on their church’s teaching (regarding the HHS Mandate).

6.  And he is also the first to ban military chaplains from saying Mass — even as volunteers (in the government shutdown).

A One-Party President

7. He is the first president to enact major social legislation (which brought us the HHS mandate) without a single vote from outside his party.

8. That social legislation, Obamacare, made him the first president to shut down the Lincoln Memorial and other national parks rather than negotiate with members of the other party.

The Abortion President

9. Not only is Obama the first president to have voted to deny rights to infants after they are born (yes, he really did), but he is the first president to provide taxpayer-funded abortions to federal employees.

The Redeemed President?

10. But he still has time. Just as he blinked on Syria, and backed off of his firm plans, he could do the same in other matters as well. What if he decided to work with both parties? What if he accepted the advice of the bumper-sticker and decided to “Coexist” with the beliefs of Martin Luther King Jr. and other religious people on marriage? What if he gave military Catholics freedom of worship and civilian Catholics freedom of conscience? What if he ratified the Declaration of Independence’s insistence on the right to life?

Alas, such a significant change in course would be another first. But we pray for peace … so why not pray for that?

  • Dawn

    Moderation=censorship of differing ideas. We’ll see if it’s allowed to stay

  • Dawn

    Your comments here are devoid of thought and are here to incite emotional response. First, Obama did not start this war. Secondly, if chaplains are government employees it’s not as if they are the only ones prohibited from working. Some employees worked without pay. Did they not want to work without pay? If they did not then what does this say about their faith vs money. Next, I have many times had conversations with the right/prolife persons about contraception and abortion. A woman’s choice is between her and her Lord and not everyone else. Contraception is a means to deter abortions which you condemn. If you don’t want abortions then contraception IS the answer. Ad nauseum studies PROVE abstinence DOES NOT work. Wouldn’t it be a better situation if the work had contraception and abortion didn’t have to exist? I would think so. If people don’t want an abortion they don’t get one, no one WANTS one. It happens because they don’t have access to healthcare and contraception. On the flip side, you also complain about entitlement programs like AFDC, food stamps and TANF. If you are indeed pro-life, then forcing people who can’t afford to have children to have them with mo means of affording their care is completely immoral and Unchristian-like. You can’t have things both ways. People that YOU campaign to have here have basic needs as a human right. The rights that you talk about taking away or cutting. I had 2 children I struggle to afford to take care of but I do it happily because I love them. The poor of this country are no different. The people like Me who have no access to healthcare are no different. However, you have systematically demonized these people and act as though they are bottom feeders who deserve nothing once they get here. This is why I and others I know have distanced themselves from religion and in particular, Catholicism. If we were blind, would he still hate the President as much as some do? Has ANY other President had to endure so much hatred and vileness from organizations such as this? NO, because they have accepted your mandate to take religion and place it front and center on their agendas and it’s not only NOT in the Constitution, it’s what the founders were trying to avoid! I am not anti religion but I believe it’s strayed from what the basic idea and teachings actually are. Others I talk to totally agree and it’s people of ALL religions. Religion has no place in politics which leads me to may last point. The Congress is responsible for passing budgets. The President signs bills into law or vetos. THAT”S ALL. He has no responsibility to really do anything to negotiate with the congress technically. Republicans which you are backing are the ones wanting to deny people like me healthcare. I was not aborted, I am here just as millions more are but you are waging a war in which the unborn are considered above all others until they arrive and them they’re all on their with no help or compassion from you. There are references all over the bible about tolerance, love, acceptance, charity, and helping the needy but you choose to cherry pick verses to fit your agenda and ideas. There’s also a verse that says no man lives until God breathes the breath of life into his notrils. That could be construed as after birth but I don’t see that anywhere either. We are ALL God’s children, we are all here to help and love one another. Groups like you are polarizing people, creating hate, dividing people, and not promoting any teachings of the gospel. You should look inside your organization and church and begin changing the world as God said and not how YOU want.

  • Nick

    Just as MLK was standing up for the rights of african americans, Obama is doing for the LGBT. Obamacars is a hugely catholic idea, just because some of you dont want to pay more for affordable health care for all–sickens me, 56 % of the country approves. It seems everybody forgets that Mitt Romney encated Romeneycare-almost the same thing as Obamacare, and also bought abortion companies.

  • Gus G

    no comment



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