Occupy Vancouver Attempts to Invade Catholic Mass, As Catholic Left Tells Us Vatican Supports Them

I can’t believe I didn’t make this connection earlier.

It took this story out of Canada to help me connect the dots:

Organizers of the Occupy Vancouver movement almost took over the Holy Rosary Cathedral in downtown Vancouver on Sunday morning.

Vancouver Police stopped the protesters from disrupting Mass at the Catholic church. A spokesman for the group, which renamed itself Occupy Vatican, said the purpose of the aborted church takeover was to bring to the Catholic Church’s attention the thousands of residential school survivors who suffered under the clergy.

…Vancouver Archbishop Michael Miler anticipated the march of protesters and requested extra police protection outside the cathedral to prevent the disruption of the Mass.

What’s the Occupy the Vatican movement? They have about 3,500 supporters on Facebook. They are allied with groups such as “STOP the Missionaries of Charity” (“Holding Mother Teresa’s charity accountable for their monumental medical negligence and financial fraud”), “Freedom From Religion Foundation”, “Religion Poisons Everything”, “Hell Does NOT Exist – It Is A Lie to Control Victims With Fear” and literally hundreds of other angry lefty causes.

I saw an informal poll last week (but can’t find it now — if you spot it, please drop me a line) that a vast majority of the occupy wall street (OWS) protestors are self-avowed atheists. Now this is interesting when one considers how many in the media are trying to claim that the OWS movement is the lefty equivalent to the Tea Party. That comparison actually makes sense considering the Tea Party is overwhelmingly Christian.

More importantly, I can never remember a Tea Party rally that explicitly was anti-religion, anti-Christian, anti-Catholic, or anti-institutional religion. In fact, the Tea Party movement, broadly speaking, supports the freedom of religion and the freedom of religious people to bring their moral values into the public square.

That’s just the opposite from what I’ve seen in the Occupy Wall Street and similar lefty protests. There is an unmistakeable anti-religion (and especially, anti-Catholic) streak that runs through the movement. No, I’m not claiming that the OWS movement is entirely made up of these elements, I’m just saying these anti-religious elements are at home with the OWS movement, and they simply do not find a home with the Tea Party movement.

That’s revealing. Why? Because once again we find that efforts to claim that the OWS movement is “supported” by Catholic teaching originate exclusively from lefty Catholics (such as Catholics United and Faith In Public Life).

Paradoxically, lefty Catholics tell us that the Catholic Church has more in common with the OWS movement, even though the OWS movement is more cozy with anti-religious sentiment than with the Catholic Church. What does it say about liberal Catholics that they find their strongest supporters and activists not in Church pews, but in the encampments of Occupy Wall Street and Vancouver?

Here’s the false premise that lefty Catholics use to claim affinity between OWS and Catholic Teaching: “Because the Church and the OWS agree that society, politics and the economy are broken and imperfect, they must also agree about how to solve these serious problems.”

Of course Catholic teaching and the OWS demands (whatever they are) do not agree. For one, the Catholic Church defends her right to speak out for truth in the public square, and believes in her own institutional freedom and autonomy. The Catholic Church strongly proclaims the dignity and right to life of the unborn (and all people) as the foundation for a free and just society. The Church continually upholds the dignity of marriage as the fundamental building block of a healthy society. Most individuals in the OWS movement strongly deny all of these principles.

I would have extremely serious reservations about supporting the Tea Party movement (or conservative politics in general) if it continually argued against religious liberty and supported anti-Catholic elements, or if it also worked to promote abortion and redefining marriage and family. These things, for me, are deal-breakers.

Apparently, however, lefty Catholics don’t have a problem associating with a movement that regularly promotes anti-Catholic elements and aggressively acts to erode religious freedom (personal and institutional), and categorically disagrees with the Church on the other issues I mention.

That tells us something about the Occupy Wall Street movement, and it also reveals to us something deeply troubling about the lefty Catholic supporters of the OWS project.

Then again, if a Tea Party rally recently tried to invade a Catholic Church during Mass, destroyed a statue of the Virgin Mary, and if the OWS protestors have recently pledged to promote a culture of life and uphold the sanctity of marriage, let me know. Maybe I don’t have all the facts.



  • Liz

    Do you have any idea what sort of medical negligence and financial fraud this “STOP the Missionaries of Charity” group is accusing Mother Teresa’s charity of? I was shocked to learn such a Facebook group exists. Is there any credible evidence supporting this accusation?

  • Greg

    Woe to the protestor that tries to invade my church during Mass. I would be the first to defend the sanctity of the Church and Mass.

    Why can’t these people go desecrate their own things on their own property? I know if I, as an individual, tried to stay on public property or private property that is not my own, I would definitely be forced to leave by the police or security. Why have these OWS “protestors” (and their other useful idiots) been allowed to loiter and illegally occupy places, litter, illegally block traffic, be public nuisances, and assemble without permits for so long. We need to elect people with some intestinal fortitude to stand up to these kind of tactics of the left.

  • Rosa C.

    Please contact FaceBook and report the misleading and false page of the St.Peter’s in the Loop… i called the church and they DO NOT have a FB page and are defenseless against this kind of false representation, they have no idea how to get FB to take off this site. This is the link of the false page:

    Keep reporting this to FB and it may eventually be taken off…

  • tz1

    Yet the ‘righty’ catholics will accept the dmost hellish acts of cruelty and barbarity. Feeding starving muslim children is now material support of terrorism. “When they came for … I didn’t speak out”, is worse now as it is not mere silence but active cheering for the guilt by association.

    Every muslim is a terrorist. And every priest a molester?

    Where is occupy mecca? No need. Righty catholics and others have many people imprisoned, many without trial, or habeas corpus, when they aren’t assassinating or blowing up neighborhoods via video-game.

    Meanwhile other righty catholics are saying all the fraud, lies, destruction of due process, and destruction of wealth done by the banksters is part of the free market. That they deserve the taxpayer bailout, or that is past or off topic. Meanwhile people are being thrown out of tneir homes. Not that the middle class ought to have more rights than towelheads.

    Many in the occupy-whatever are misguided, but considering the number of stones we cast, the world must think us without sin.

    All lies and murders are of the devil. Even the ones caled ‘collateral damage’, and/or necessary or noble.

    The tea party is for freedomof religion? Maybe for christians, jews (including israel can do no wrong), and near christian cults. What do they think of muslims? Or are they not a religion, not human, or somehow the vitriol does not apply?

    • pinkpanther

      Who let you out of the rubber room? Your rant makes absolutely no sense! You either need to get off drugs or start taking some.

    • Fred

      Way to set up the straw men, tz1

    • Rosa

      Why are you so angry and posting these lies…? The Catholic church is for saving not only the spiritual life but also the life you have now on earth. Why do you purposely insinuate these ugly lies when you have absolutely no base and nothing to prove this with…lies cannot be proven. You should look at yourself and repent for your ugly words…

  • Vir Catholicus

    The OWS protesters know exactly what they are “about”. They profess atheism, socialism, communism, marxism and are united together in The Democrat party of the United States. Lefty Catholics are Catholics like Judas was an Apostle. They have sealed their doom. Let’s all pray that hey don’t take too many innocent souls to Hell with them.

  • Gerry

    May God Bless those who hate us, and turn their hearts to love. Jesus Christ is Lord.

    • Francis

      “…and if he can’t turn their hearts, may he turn their ankles, so we’ll know them by their limping!” An old Irish blessing.



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