Occupy Vancouver Attempts to Invade Catholic Mass, As Catholic Left Tells Us Vatican Supports Them

I can’t believe I didn’t make this connection earlier.

It took this story out of Canada to help me connect the dots:

Organizers of the Occupy Vancouver movement almost took over the Holy Rosary Cathedral in downtown Vancouver on Sunday morning.

Vancouver Police stopped the protesters from disrupting Mass at the Catholic church. A spokesman for the group, which renamed itself Occupy Vatican, said the purpose of the aborted church takeover was to bring to the Catholic Church’s attention the thousands of residential school survivors who suffered under the clergy.

…Vancouver Archbishop Michael Miler anticipated the march of protesters and requested extra police protection outside the cathedral to prevent the disruption of the Mass.

What’s the Occupy the Vatican movement? They have about 3,500 supporters on Facebook. They are allied with groups such as “STOP the Missionaries of Charity” (“Holding Mother Teresa’s charity accountable for their monumental medical negligence and financial fraud”), “Freedom From Religion Foundation”, “Religion Poisons Everything”, “Hell Does NOT Exist – It Is A Lie to Control Victims With Fear” and literally hundreds of other angry lefty causes.

I saw an informal poll last week (but can’t find it now — if you spot it, please drop me a line) that a vast majority of the occupy wall street (OWS) protestors are self-avowed atheists. Now this is interesting when one considers how many in the media are trying to claim that the OWS movement is the lefty equivalent to the Tea Party. That comparison actually makes sense considering the Tea Party is overwhelmingly Christian.

More importantly, I can never remember a Tea Party rally that explicitly was anti-religion, anti-Christian, anti-Catholic, or anti-institutional religion. In fact, the Tea Party movement, broadly speaking, supports the freedom of religion and the freedom of religious people to bring their moral values into the public square.

That’s just the opposite from what I’ve seen in the Occupy Wall Street and similar lefty protests. There is an unmistakeable anti-religion (and especially, anti-Catholic) streak that runs through the movement. No, I’m not claiming that the OWS movement is entirely made up of these elements, I’m just saying these anti-religious elements are at home with the OWS movement, and they simply do not find a home with the Tea Party movement.

That’s revealing. Why? Because once again we find that efforts to claim that the OWS movement is “supported” by Catholic teaching originate exclusively from lefty Catholics (such as Catholics United and Faith In Public Life).

Paradoxically, lefty Catholics tell us that the Catholic Church has more in common with the OWS movement, even though the OWS movement is more cozy with anti-religious sentiment than with the Catholic Church. What does it say about liberal Catholics that they find their strongest supporters and activists not in Church pews, but in the encampments of Occupy Wall Street and Vancouver?

Here’s the false premise that lefty Catholics use to claim affinity between OWS and Catholic Teaching: “Because the Church and the OWS agree that society, politics and the economy are broken and imperfect, they must also agree about how to solve these serious problems.”

Of course Catholic teaching and the OWS demands (whatever they are) do not agree. For one, the Catholic Church defends her right to speak out for truth in the public square, and believes in her own institutional freedom and autonomy. The Catholic Church strongly proclaims the dignity and right to life of the unborn (and all people) as the foundation for a free and just society. The Church continually upholds the dignity of marriage as the fundamental building block of a healthy society. Most individuals in the OWS movement strongly deny all of these principles.

I would have extremely serious reservations about supporting the Tea Party movement (or conservative politics in general) if it continually argued against religious liberty and supported anti-Catholic elements, or if it also worked to promote abortion and redefining marriage and family. These things, for me, are deal-breakers.

Apparently, however, lefty Catholics don’t have a problem associating with a movement that regularly promotes anti-Catholic elements and aggressively acts to erode religious freedom (personal and institutional), and categorically disagrees with the Church on the other issues I mention.

That tells us something about the Occupy Wall Street movement, and it also reveals to us something deeply troubling about the lefty Catholic supporters of the OWS project.

Then again, if a Tea Party rally recently tried to invade a Catholic Church during Mass, destroyed a statue of the Virgin Mary, and if the OWS protestors have recently pledged to promote a culture of life and uphold the sanctity of marriage, let me know. Maybe I don’t have all the facts.



  • Rob

    “Frankly, I am at a loss to understand what any of the Occupy protests are about–here or abroad? Does anyone know? Do the protestors know?”

    “Again, great marketers in terms of projecting size. Not so great, though, when it comes to actual message. Even after observing their signs with care, I only saw bored anger. No purpose I could perceive.”

    “Despite the fact these Occupy people are protesting, they’ve offered neither an argument against something or for something. What do they mean? What do they propose? What do they want?”

    “They are a disorganized army of malcontents, seeking some thing, but knowing not what.”

    These are all quotes from CatholicVote.org on Occupy Wall Street.

    And now we are supposed to believe that the actions of one small group in Vancouver speak for the entire movement?

    You have to choose one: either this is one massively-linked, well-organized, on message movement, or it’s a bunch of disorganized, vagabond, clueless protesters. You can’t have it both ways, despite the fact it suits your political agenda.

    • Thomas Peters

      Rob, are you saying I’m also guilty of this contradiction? My views are my own. None of these quotes are from me. The views I’ve expressed are consistent. Keep trying…

      • Rob

        Sorry, but when you blog under the banner of an organization, readers have the right to call into question editorial content. This isn’t your blog, it’s CatholicVote’s blog. When a blog posts contradictory opinions, readers have a right to call it into question, and responsible bloggers would respond with some sort of explanation.

        I just think it’s highly inconsistent for two bloggers to criticize OWS for exact opposites. Why should I accept both of your opinions?

        • Thomas Peters

          Rob: No.

          That was simple. Do you demand HuffPo and the New York Times opinion columns all agree? That’s absurd. It’s a group blog for a reason: we share the same basic commitments to the Church’s teaching, and our personal opinions are our own.

          I’m not asking you accept anything. I’m asking you to read, judge and respond. Fair enough?

          • Rosa

            Thomas, both the Huffington Post and the New York Times are anti-Catholic… they masquerade at times with certain editorials to be “fair” but both have deep rooted dislike for anything Catholic…

          • Rob

            It doesn’t matter if your opinions are different. It would be no fun to read if you all agreed!

            I’m challenging your logic. If two opinion writers use facts that contradict each other, that’s a problem. Opinions can contradict; facts cannot.

            So, more accurately, one of you has your facts wrong. And given that you both arrive at criticism of the group using contradicting facts, it makes it seem like one of you has a political agenda here.

          • Thomas Peters

            Rob, so which of my facts are wrong?

  • clarisse

    and if there was an occupy the mosque rally, what would the media do to those that did so?

    • SueF

      Great analogy. Why ISN’T there an “Occupy Mecca” movement? Because there is no freedom of speech in Saudi Arabia.

      I’m not surprised that this news story came out of Canada, where it is considered a hate crime to preach against homosexuality and the great holocaust of abortion.

  • Brian

    “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do”. I think another thing to add to this is that Tea Party people are well informed about what they stand for. The occupiers are nothing more than a bunch of ignorant puppets for George Soros and his ilk. As Fulton Sheen wrote in the preface of Radio Replies ” There are not over a hundred people in the United States who hate the Catholic Church. There are millions,however,who hate what they wrongly believe to be the Catholic Church.”

    • Rosa

      Thank you for the quote from Bishop Sheen, i shall post this on Facebook and keep it as a reminder everytime another anti-Catholic remark is made…

      • Brian

        You’re welcome. Usually when I run across fellow Christians who trash the Catholic Church, I remind them that they are in line with all the others who hate the Church,namely the lefty’s, the atheists, pro aborts, gay right types… I also like to quote John 15 v 18 ” If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you.” The world hates the Catholic Church because it hated its head to begin with, Jesus Christ.

  • Quanah

    For some reason this is reminding me of the French revolution. It gives me the creeps.

    • anonymous

      I was thinking the exact same thing! People are trying to stomp out the one voice of Truth.

    • Tokyo Pat

      Me, too. I’ve been thinking that for weeks.

  • MyaNameo

    There is also this Facebook group http://www.facebook.com/pages/St-Peters-in-the-Loop/120881254613816 masquerading as the actual St. Peter’s in the Loop! Facebook was contacted, but has not shut the wall down.

  • JohnE

    You can bet if the Tea Party smashed as statue of the Virgin Mary, it would be front page news. The MSM would do whatever it could to destroy the Team Party movement. Not only are they biased in their coverage, they are biased in what events are covered at all or given special attention.



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