‘October Baby’ touches a nerve…

The New York Times has a review of the new movie October Baby that fails to tell the reader anything about the movie as a film, but it sure tells us a lot about the author’s attitudes on abortion. More precisely, it tells us a lot about her views of pro-lifers.

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  • Daniel

    Um … did you read the NYT review, Pia? If so, could you elaborate on your claim that it “fails to tell the reader anything about the film” .. because I read a lot of information about the film itself. For example, from the review: “slickly packaged” … “gauzy cinematography” … full of “emo music”. The reviewer writes about the motivations of the protagonist, mentions that there is a road trip plot device, offers her critique of the characters and their portrayal. Its true that the reviewer ALSO reveals her distaste for the heavy-handed proselytizing of the film. As it turns out, many critics included similar comments in their reviews of this film. If a critic perceives something as bad propaganda, certainly their review ought to reflect that perception?

  • Ancilla
  • Ancilla

    A review for the movie from Catholic perspectives here:


    Dear Pia, I’m pleased to hear that you’re on the Board of Heartbeat International. I’ve always felt that if a larger share of time, creativity and money was put into persuading women to eschew abortion and providing them with the support they need, especially after the baby is born, the number of abortions could be reduced dramaticly. Best regards, Greg

  • BethAnn

    I agree that film reviewers should not express their opinions in reviews.

    • Daniel

      This is sarcasm, correct?



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