Of 9/11, CNN, and a random, unremarkable “steel beam”

In an article that looks into ways Americans think differently about religion since 9/11/01, CNN.com included a photograph. Here is a screen capture that includes the caption they offered.

…because “steel beam” is an accurate and comprehensive way to identify that item, and the reason it, among all parts of the collapsed towers, will be preserved in the memorial.

I’m not going to bleat about bias or political correctness or any other impugning of motives here, not least because it’s about as necessary as pointing out that water is wet, but it does make one wonder why a news agency would use such a non-informative descriptor about such a significant item in an article concerning that which makes the item in question significant.

Silliness, really.



  • Laura

    Because what they think is: “silly christians seeing crosses in what obviously is nothing more than a beam”


    Dear Tom: I suspect the world will little know or care how CNN described the Ground Zero Cross. It will however, always recall the sacrifice of Father Mychal Judge, Chaplain of the NY Fire Department. Fr. Judge spent his life ministering to others and, at age sixty nine, put on his turnout coat and helmet and rushed to the scene. On 9-11 we should all give thanks for his service and that of all chaplains who go in harm’s way. On each 9-11 I also pray for his cause for canonization. The Church needs heroes, especially priest heroes. St. Mychal Judge would certainly inspire the faithful in the first responder community and in all Americans. ~ Pax tucem ~ Greg



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