Offbeat audio: Electro-pop band Ooberfüse selected for official UK papal visit song

Discovering papist techno music is a humorous tradition here at AmP, stretching back to the amusing discovery of the “Habemus Papam Benedictus Mix“, where someone actually layered the announcement of Pope Benedict’s pontificate with a techno soundtrack.

So, in that same tongue-in-cheek spirit, I offer to you today “Heart’s Cry“, a song by the UK electro-pop band Ooberfüse, which will be featured during events surrounding the pope’s visit to the UK this week:

“The committee overseeing Pope Benedict’s itinerary in Britain next week announced today that they have chosen a hip-hop track to be the official “youth anthem” for his three day visit.”

… The band, who all live in London, sent their track to Father Andrew Headon, a member of the Papal Visit Organising Committee which chose the song to represent young worshippers. It will almost certainly be played to the faithful during the Pope’s prayer vigil in Hyde Park, an event which is specifically aimed at appealing to younger Catholics. [UK Independent]

You can listen to the full song here – one of the cool things about it is that it actually samples parts of a speech by the Holy Father himself:
Ooberfüse – Heart’s Cry by 360degreemusic.

I’m curious to hear from the teenage and 20-something papists – would you put this on your playlist? Has anyone come across examples of papist electro-pop/hip-hop/rap?



  • Richard L

    I have a soft spot for electro (electro-pop, electro-clash, synthpop, etc.), and I can say without hesitation: No.

    I would say that even if this were good, fresh, compelling synthpop. But this ain’t. It falls flat.

    I’m not so philistine as to say no music genre outside chant or traditional polyphony can ever qualify for promotion from profane to sacred – but I am pretty close to that. Either way, I’m not sure electro or any other pop music can EVER make that transition.

    At any rate, this sort of effort at “relevance” will always fall short. Even if you could get Ladytron or Felix the Housecat to supply a real homerun for this kind of event, how many young non-religious Britons would suddenly flock to the churches? How many have done so with similar contemporary music efforts over the last forty years?

  • AJJP

    um… no. will never be on my playlist.

  • Catie

    I think it’s pretty catchy. As contemporary Catholic music goes, it’s not as good as, say, The Thirsting’s rendition of Hail Holy Queen, but it’s better than a lot of the other stuff out there. I’d listen to it.

  • Giovanni A. Cattaneo

    As long as its not used in the Liturgy I don’t care what type of music they use.

  • Regina

    Much as I love Papa Ben, it’s not my scene. It’s upbeat, which is nice, but the lyrics leave something to be desired and trying to rap about God is usually – this instance included – a horrible, horrible idea (Toby Mac does all right sometimes).
    Then again, I have a serious bias against techno. So, there’s that to consider.

  • Adam



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