Offbeat: Rambo Priest has Communion desecrator pulled over

From DC Examiner’s “Stupid Crimes” column:

God squad

A Catholic priest denied a woman Holy Communion, then had a sheriff’s deputy pull her over.

According to the Northwest Florida Daily News, Jackie Trebesh and her 19-year-old daughter went to take Holy Communion, the priest turned them away and said he would explain his actions after the [Mass] ended.

Trebesh decided not to wait around and had left the church parking lot when a deputy pulled her over.

“He’s not God. He can’t do that to people,” she said.

Apparently he can. The deputy informed Trebesh that the priest had requested the traffic stop, and then the deputy issued trespass warnings. Trebesh later learned she was denied the sacrament because someone had seen the daughter earlier dispose of [a consecrated host] in the parking lot.

I hereby nominate this priest for a Rambo Catholic award.

In all seriousness, I’m sure there’s more to this story. We should pray for the woman and her daughter, who apparently don’t know how to treat the Eucharist with reverence.



  • susanna

    True story: In the 1950s or 60s, our priest (gone to his reward) heard that a local protestant pastor was making disparaging remarks about Catholics. Not being the meek and mild type, he took himself directly to this “pastor’s” office and told him “…if I ever hear that you said (such and such) again, I’ll…*#$@*” We loved our rambo priest, and I agree with this priest.

    Communion on the tongue and observant ushers. Please!.

  • John Siple

    A few months ago, praying before Mass, I looked down & realized I was seeing a wafer of bread. I lovingly picked it up, wrapped my eyes around it, and consumed it.
    I was/am glad I found it in church. Don’t know if it was consecrated or not.
    People, keep your eyes open when called to do so.

  • Greg Smith

    Because so many of us go into the public safety professions, there has always been a special link between the police and firefighters and the Catholic Church. Our pastor, for instance, is also the Fire Department Chaplain and keeps his radio in the sacristy to call directly for assistance every time one of our older ladies passes out during hot weather. There is a story – undoubtedly highly embellished, if it happened at all, – that in the 1800s there was a brothel on DuPont (now Grant) street across from the rectory of (Now Old) St Mary’s Cathedral where Chinese women were being held against their will. The story has it that the Fathers had a little too much wine at dinner, went across the street with some sisters to take charge of the women, roughed up the Brothel owner and several customers and then set fire to the brothel. Several hours later the brothel owner was banging on the door to the rectory angrily complaining in Manderin or Cantonese about the loss of his real and human “property.” The local beat patrolman came by and asked Father if the “Chinaman” was bothering the priests. Upon hearing the affirmative he asked the pastor for a quick blessing and then proceeded to beat the “Chinaman” about the head and shoulders with his billy club and then “ran him in” for Drunk and Disorderly. Did it happen? Probably not. Could it have happened? Most likely. In 150 years, I wonder how this story will have grown



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