Offbeat: Thief thwarted by falling saint statue!

It was an intense weekend of responding to the pope’s comments about condoms, so I wanted to start this Monday morning off right – with some heavy poetic justice:

A thief who tried to break open the donation box in a church was hit on the head by a falling statue of a saint, police in Munich reported on Sunday.

The man suffered a nasty cut to the head and fled the St Benno Church without the donation box, said Ludwig Sperrer, the church’s priest.

He said it seemed that the near-life-size statue of Saint Antonius had fallen from its wooden plinth as the would-be thief was trying to break open the donation box which was situated in the same wooden structure.

“He obviously did not want to let it go,” said Sperrer with a grin.

But the thief was obviously not convinced to change his ways by the falling saint – he went to a nearby house to ask for help with his bleeding head and his lady accomplice stole a wallet left lying on a counter. [The Local]



3 thoughts on “Offbeat: Thief thwarted by falling saint statue!

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  2. Marty says:

    maybe it’s a good sign for the thief: the Lord rebukes those He loves.

  3. Panda Rosa says:

    A good saint is always on patrol, always ready to act. Maybe this guy just needs some extra time for the truth to sink in.

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