Okay, Who Kidnapped the Nuns On The Bus?

nuns on the bus


Please, quick.  Somebody call the police.

It appears that someone has kidnapped not only the nun-celebrity Sister Simone Campbell, but her entire bus, all the nuns on her bus, and most devastating of all, her resolute determination to cruise around with her Nuns on the Bus and rid the country of uninsured Americans.

She had to have been kidnapped, right?

How else could we possibly explain the absence in recent days of such a champion for the rights of the uninsured?


O Sister, Where Art Thou?

Why, it was just a few short years ago that Sister Simone led a heroic effort to fabricate the  illusion of Catholic support for the Affordable Care Act and make Obamacare into a reality.

In March 2010, even before the days of her magical mystery bus tour, when she was spearheading the push among leftist Catholics to get Obamacare passed, Sister Simone penned a letter on behalf of herself and (some) other women religious in which she wrote:

“We have witnessed firsthand the impact of our national health care crisis, particularly its impact on women, children and people who are poor. We see the toll on families who have delayed seeking care due to a lack of health insurance coverage or lack of funds with which to pay high deductibles and co-pays.”

Sounds awful.

Sister Simone, how could anyone doubt your compassion, or your steadfast resolve to help those without insurance coverage?

Which is why it is so very odd that we haven’t heard from you in the last few weeks.


billy idol

Hey Little Sister Simone, What Have You Done?

Billy Idol is right, Sister.  What have you done?

Because you see, it turns out there’s a  funny little twist with that healthcare law you championed:

5,000,000 Americans have lost their health insurance coverage because of it.

Oh yeah, and many more are about to.

So please Sister Simone, help us.  Help your fellow Americans.  Help the poor, the suffering, the uninsured.  You didn’t let those mean conservatives stop you when you wanted to see Obamacare become the law of the land.  You didn’t let Paul Ryan stop you when you wanted to protest his budget.  So why let your shameless Democratic party loyalty and selective advocacy for liberal pet causes stop you now?


Lord Help the Mister Who Comes Between Me and My Sister Simone

Please Sister Simone, come to our aid in this hour of need.  For your country.  For your faith.  For the alarming number of ordinary people who are losing their health coverage because of the disastrous beached whale of a fraud you helped to force on the American people.

Sister Simone Campbell, patron saint of the uninsured, we need you now more than ever.

So please, come back and start up that bus.  We’ll be waiting.

help us

Help Us, Sister Simone – You’re Our Only Hope.

  • http://portiunculathelittleportion.blogspot.com Fra Chris

    The only thing I have to say is, “If this is the way Sr. Simone practices her vow of Obedience, I really don’t want to know how she practices her vow of Celibacy!”

  • Toni
  • http://www.laetificatmadison.com Elizabeth D

    I think I know what Sister Simone would say. “It’s complicated!”

    Those are her words to me, in Janesville, WI last June, when I asked her whether she opposed the HHS abortifacient/sterilization/contraception mandate. I and a friend were at her Nuns on the Bus stop there doing a pro-life and religious freedom protest. Story and pictures from that day: http://www.laetificatmadison.com/2012/06/nuns-on-the-bus-visit-sinsinawa-and-janesville/

  • Allan Wafkowski

    I’m not perfectly sure this is true, but it’s whispered that the good sister is on hiatus in Oklahoma on a six year waiting list for cataract surgery. I hope all goes well.

    • Bea

      Cataract surgery, huh?
      physical vision?
      spiritual vision?

    • Lori

      Maybe this will help her SEE… 😉

  • Julie T.

    Good question, John, although I refuse to play into their game of calling themselves nuns. Every Catholic knows this line: All nuns are religious sisters, but not all religious sisters are nuns. Nuns wear habits and generally live in cloistered communities. In answer to your question, they are in hiding until it’s time to campaign for Hillary Clinton in 2016. They might emerge next year to support leftist candidates in next year’s mid-term election, too. They are nothing if not faithful to their religion, the increasingly far-left Democratic Party.

  • ML

    Think about the good she might have done if instead she’d set up a charitable organization to assist those unable to meet medical expenses and gone about the country seeking donations. Jesus, after all, didn’t appeal to Caesar, but to the common citizens to assist one another.

    • Rose Fontana

      ML says, “Jesus, after all, didn’t appeal to Caesar, but to the common citizens to assist one another.” That is so right!

    • Tom Nally

      I make ML’s argument all the time. Jesus implored us to help the poor, but he didn’t recommend that we outsource it to Caesar.

    • Lainie Michel

      What an awesome – and, oh so correct comment!!!

    • CH

      “Jesus, after all, didn’t appeal to Caesar, but to the common citizens to assist one another.” And I think therein lies the answer… personally I think insurance – Obamacare or otherwise – has become too big, too powerful, too much of a force in our life. Gee, I wonder how people survived all those thousands of years without insurance before it came into play in this past century? I don’t have insurance. I once started to feel bad about it (never mind that I couldn’t afford it) because I kept noticing this attitude that if you don’t have insurance that you’re somehow “irresponsible.” But I clearly sensed the Lord saying to me “I am your insurance” (with the emphasis on the “I”). Not saying it’s wrong to have insurance, but maybe it is wrong to place more trust in insurance (i.e. – money… it really is about trusting in money when you think about it) than in God. Maybe God is using this huge Obamascare debacle to get our attention so that we can learn to start placing more of our trust in Him? Just a thought…



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