On Amanda Marcotte’s Vicious, Pathetic Hissy Fit Over World Youth Day Joy

Yesterday I praised Slate contributor William Saletan for his comments on “coin toss” abortions.

Today I have to criticize Slate’s choice to publish what has to be one of the saddest, most vile screeds I’ve ever seen written against the Catholic Church and catholics.

Amanda Marcotte is a pro-abortion, anti-Catholic feminist who doesn’t need much introduction. In 2007 she had to resign from the John Edwards presidential campaign for her anti-Catholic attacks. Marcotte is apparently a broken record when it comes to the Church.

She’s also unbelievably ignorant and boring when it comes to the Catholic church. As hundreds of thousands of young people (and yes, young women) gather from around the world in Spain for a week’s worth of celebration, singing, joy and worship, Marcotte malignes young Catholic women (in particular) with hackneyed accusations that they are sexually repressed and exploited.

Seriously, does Marcotte know one faithful Catholic woman? If not, her comments amount to simple bigotry. Bigotry against Catholic women and all Catholic believers.

As I’ve mentioned, Marcotte is also an ignoramus (no, you don’t have to travel to Spain to get an excommunication lifted after choosing to abort your baby). She ends her rant with this claim: “If being an American Catholic meant doing what the church tells you to do, there wouldn’t be any American Catholics.”

Maybe real Catholics don’t exist in the liberal feminist Slate echo chamber Marcotte lives in, but out here – in what I would happily refer to as the real world – we’re doing just fine, thanks. Sorry my existence – and the existence of the hundreds of thousands of happy young Catholics in Madrid disturbs you so much.

Actually, I take that back: I’m not sorry at all. But you should be, Amanda.

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  • Matilda

    Pray for Amanda may God work his way into her heart. I am a female American Catholic and I love the Church. I would take being a woman in the church anyday over being a man. Eph.5 ‘Husbands love you wives as Christ loved the church…’,my husband climbs on his cross everyday for love of our family and I am happy to submitt(under the mission) to that… may Amanda meet a faithfilled, joyfull Catholic. It worked for St. Augustine…

  • Peadar ban

    Dear Mr. Peters,

    I wonder why you waste your time reporting on (and thereby spreading)the filth that is propagated by this woman and that publication. It is one thing to warn against abuses and abusers, near occasions of sin, or too admonish and correct in all charity. It seems quite another thing to give one’s time and space to this badness for no good purpose.

    Perhaps, if it must be spoken about, it should be merely to mention that this person needs prayer.

    More than that, I think, begins to stray into and encourage Phariseeism.

    Peadar Ban

  • Vernacular Catholic

    Either she truly doesn’t know her facts or she’s deliberately misleading. Neither scenario is acceptable and her piece is quite clearly garbage to anyone with any amount of objectivity. I’m glad to see so many commenters on Slate calling her out on her bigotry and misinformation, particularly the non-Catholics. Slate should be ashamed to have published it.

  • Jen

    Amanda’s column is just venomous hatred. I agree with you that publishing it showed poor judgment (or else endorsement)on the part of Slate’s editors. She’s just like a scrawny cat backed into a corner and sprayed with a hose. Just hissing and clawing and fangs.

  • Francis

    Regarding the cost of staging the event – I would think that Madrid would be very excited to host something of this size. Think of all of the pilgrims who will need lodging, food, sundries. She makes it sound like it will cost the people of Madrid, but most of the cost is paid by the pilgrims, along with some corporate sponsors. Talk about spin!



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