On Appearing On The Daily Show (And Other Dubious Distinctions)

Well, it was bound to happen eventually. Last night Jon Stewart featured a clip of me (from back in February 2010) in one of his signature mash-ups on The Daily Show (07:13 or so):

… did you catch it? I know it was quick. I guess I couldn’t even rate 15 seconds of fame. The clip Stewart played was from an interview I did about Obama’s Faith-Based Advisor Harry Knox’s (yes) anti-Catholic comments he made about the pope (that he’s “hurting people in the name of Jesus”, etc).

Nothing ever happened to Knox, so my claim still stands: the Obama administration doesn’t seem to have a problem with its members making virulently anti-Catholic comments.

Not surprisingly, Stewart didn’t let the facts trip up his comedy.

But I appreciate knowing that he’s watching what I say closely. More material coming soon!



  • Katherine

    You have no idea what anti-Catholicism is. People have been jailed for their faith, suffered employment discrimination, housing discrimination, etc.

    Some one made a statement that what he believes to be a mistaken position taken by the Pope in hurting people in the name of Jesus. Okay, I think a liberal Methodist Minister saying abortion is morally acceptable is also hurting people in the Name of Jesus. It doesn’t make me anti-Methodist, it makes me pro-life.

  • math_geek

    So, congrats on getting quoted Tom, but I wouldn’t feel too offended. He really wasn’t attacking you so much as the broader Fox News argument that liberals consistently attack conservatives and conservatives don’t act in that fashion.

    I would encourage you to rethink the “last acceptable prejudice” comment on the grounds that it’s not particularly useful. I think Megan McCardle said it best.

    “I am in general impatient with the notion that “discrimination against (fat people, Christians, Catholics, gays, transvestites, etc.) is the last acceptable prejudice.” As you can see by the list, there still seem to be a lot of acceptable prejudices left.”

  • Elizabeth

    The Pope, and thus the Catholic Church’s stance on contraception is available in many places. I recommend Christopher West’s “The Good News About Sed and Marriage.” The Holy Father’s primary concern is getting souls to heaven, not eliminating earthly suffering through the manipulation of Christ’s teachings. It would be impossible to defend the Church’s teaching on marriage and contraception to say, “but in Africa, it’s ok to contracept.” AIDS, sickness, suffering, and death are sad, tragic events if viewed outside a Catholic perspective. Any suffering is an opportunity to unite ourselves with Christ, offer it up, and remind us that our time her is minute in comparison to eternity with Christ. I would rather the Pope follow teaching and guide more souls to heaven than waiver to alleviate some suffering on earth.

  • Laura

    You are famous!!! LOL

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  • Catholic Firedood

    What were his comments regarding? I don’t understand at all.



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