On Cuomo’s Communion, Everyone Chimes In


It’s been a bit surprising to see how much traction my father’s recent comments on Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s (in)eligibility to receive Communion have received.

But, as my father notes, we probably should have expected this:

A political wag once observed that the fastest way to start a ruckus on Capitol Hill is to point out what the Constitution actually says. In the Church, it seems, the fastest way to start a ruckus is to point out what the Code of Canon Law actually says.

Who’s joining in on the ruckus? Well, practically everyone.

From Whoopi Goldberg, Cuomo himself (albeit briefly), to the diocese of Albany (Cuomo’s diocese).

Let me talk about these folks in reverse order.

On the Diocese of Albany, my father has a brief response to their brief response.

Cuomo’s comment, in toto: “My religion is a private matter, and that is not something I discuss in the political arena.”

Whoopi Goldberg’s contribution on The View was particularly hilarious:

“What would Jesus do?” View moderator Whoopi Goldberg asked, answering her own question by misapplying Jesus’s admonition that he who is without sin may cast the first stone.

*Newsflash* Whoopi: playing someone in a movie who plays a fake nun doesn’t earn you a degree in theology.

[UPDATE: Watch the segment on The View here.]

And just for good measure, Whoopi’s co-host Sherri Shepherd saw fit to trample on one of our deepest-held beliefs as Catholics:

“How many people in that church that take that wine and eat those crackers are doing something at home that we don’t know about?”

… “crackers”? Someone clearly couldn’t pass a 1st-grade Catechism quiz.

[UPDATE: Watch the segment on The View here.]

Back to amusing, less-serious things – I also had to chuckle at the New York Daily News’ poll on the subject:

With questions framed like that, it’s no wonder people are struggling to figure this out.



  • Mike Malone

    Oh my. Receiving communion in the state of public mortal sin is OK with the bishops. But why should that surprise anyone…I don’t hear the bishops condemn politicians or celebrities, who profess to be ardent Catholics, who vote and promote abortion, homosexuality, IVF, divorce, contraception etc. (I admit there are a few exeptions like Cardinal Burke, Nebraska’s Bishop Bruskewitz, Colorado’s Bishop Chaput).

    Is it possible our bishops have become more interested in own celebrity…the limo’s….the dinners…..the attention?

    Because I speak out about Catholic beliefs when either the opportunity presents itself or in defense of the faith I am often described as dogmatic or intolerant or inflexible, a radical traditionalist, out of touch etc. usually over the issues mentioned above.

    The bishops are wrong, Cuomo should not be given communion. And I have to admit…when I’m called these names….I proudly own up to them in the Name of Jesus.

  • Greg Portman

    I agree, I am surprised at how much commentary this has stirred up. I am in Buffalo, NY and both of the local papers here have weighed in on it. I thought this blog was … interesting.


  • mykidscatholicmom

    The secular media asks WWJD? John 8:11 go and sin no more…. in other words now that you know it is wrong do not deliberately stay in rebellion. True repentence means stopping the behavior. It is not oh I am sorry I had an affair, I’ll be back after I sleep with her again… but I’ll be sorry again.

  • GW 3 characters?

    BTW, Whoopi also played God in a Muppets Christmas movie. Perhaps that also leads her to believe she can speak with authority.



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