On D-Day anniversary, Google honors the drive-in

I credit Tom Hoopes for making me aware of the cultural importance of what our culture celebrates. And as Tom notes, yes, that includes what Google trumpets on their heavily-trafficked website.

It’s June 6th so naturally Google is commemorating an important anniversary, right?

Yes, Google is celebrating the 79th anniversary of the drive-in theater.

Look I’m not a killjoy. I think the drive-in theater is great. I’m glad that Richard Hollingshead Jr. opened the first drive-in theater in Camden, NJ, back in 1933.

But it’s hard not to cynical and say Google won’t remember D-Day because there’s no commercial gain in tipping their hat in tribute to the brave young Allied men who stormed the beaches and climbed the rocky cliffs of Normandy to liberate a continent from a despotic mad man.

Several of the boys in this photograph are now buried at the cliffs overlooking this beach so that we can watch movies at a drive-in or on our iPad. That’s not meant to make us feel guilty when we take a moment of leisure during our time in this valley of tears. No, I just think we should show a little more reverence for those who put their lives on the line.

My favorite commemoration of their heroism remains the speech President Reagan gave at Normandy in 1984, to mark the 40th anniversary.

No one in my family fought at Normandy that day. But both of my grandfathers fought in the Pacific theater of World War II. And my great uncle, Robert Eddy, perished on Saipan Island just months after Normandy on Dec. 21.

For all those who fought and sacrificed, we should always remember June 6th.



  • enness

    Bonnie, the fact that Google has its fingers in so many pies without people necessarily knowing it creeps me out. It’s bad enough that Gmail keeps nattering at me to hand over my phone number (assuming they don’t already have it?), which I refuse to do. Their relatively recent moves to consolidate information shared between programs do not put me at ease, and I’m not the only one.

    The only time I use it as a search engine is when I am at work, because it isn’t my computer and I do not want to mess around with the settings. The rest of the time I use Goodsearch and get a penny or two for charity every time (theirs is Yahoo-based).

  • Randall

    Is anyone surprised by this? Google regularly goes out of their way to snub Christian traditions and holidays, and Real Americans like our troops, in favor of stupid stuff like national peanut butter & jelly day, or the birthdays of obscure Communist abstract artists who have been dead for 25 years. Meanwhile the memory of soldiers, Mother Teresa, Ronald Reagan, Pope Benedict and other real heroes are consigned to the dustbin by this evil liberal company. It’s heartbreaking and unAmerican.

    • Bonnie

      I’d hardly call them and “evil” company. Are they wrong in not commemorating D-Day? Yes. But, evil is a bit harsh. The artists that they have given a doodle to have also made an impact. I DO agree that today should’ve been about D-Day.

      They are a public forum, run by people who may or may not be Catholic. They don’t EVER commemorate religious OR political figures. And for that, I commend them. I love Mother Theresa and the Popes as much as anyone else, and I think they have done GREAT things. But, I have to say that Google’s choice to not give them a doodle is not offensive, by any means.

      Far right is just as bad as far left. Using terms like “evil,” do nothing but make us a whole (conservatives being us) look bad.

      • Doc d20


        The topic and monicker of “evil” was first broached by Google, remember? “Don’t be evil!” Nanny Google instructed us.

        • Bonnie

          They may have. But, name calling is childish. So, it may be using their words against them, but it still doesn’t make anyone look better than the other.

          That’s just my opinion.

          • Randall

            Bonnie, Google supports liberal and socialist causes, while ignoring conservative and faithful ones. Nowhere is this more evident than in their “doodles,” which completely ignore morally upright events and people in favor of, well, everything else. So yes, Google is evil for denying the good and promoting the bad, and those who use Google while knowing this are actively promoting evil. Sorry to burst your bubble. :)

          • bonnie

            Agree to disagree. I honestly don’t believe that you NEVER use google. There’s not a person on the internet who doesn’t for SOMETHING.

            They own plenty of different conglomerations; If this is your attitude, you should probably check all the sites you’re using. The You Tube video of Ronald Reagan, on this post, is a google affiliate. There’s even a link to You Tube in the top bar of this site. By your deductions, Catholicvote.org is supporting an evil company. Am I correct in this? Looks like maybe you shouldn’t be using this site since it means you’re promoting evil. I mean, come on.

            It’s a matter of picking your battles. I simply like to point out when people are being extremists in any light. (My father, who is vehemently anti-catholic, and I get into this debate all the time.)

          • Christine

            Isn’t it funny how you get ganged up on when you prove someone wrong? I agree with you, Bonnie. I’m just smart enough to keep my mouth shut.

          • bonnie

            And for the record, I point out the extremism of my liberal friends as well. I point out the extremism of my atheist friends. I point of the extremism of my socialist friends. We’re all different. We all need to learn to stop bashing each other. AND, name calling, is not the way to go.



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