On Feast of St. Thomas More, let’s call and pray for marriage in New York

The vote in NY on so-called “same-sex marriage” is hanging by a thread…

The official state legislative session expired at midnight Monday night — but legislators (and Catholic governor Andrew Cuomo) are preparing to extend the session into overtime to vote on same-sex “marriage.”

If legislative leaders cannot secure enough votes, they will NOT schedule a vote.

It’s time to go all in.

Last week we mobilized the entire nationwide network of over 500,000 CV members to rain down calls. And you responded.

Today we need to focus on the following undecided senators. Pick up the phone and tell these state senators that marriage is not for them to decide. Tell them you OPPOSE the state legislature dictating the definition marriage in New York:

  • Stephen Saland: (518) 455-2411 (saland@nysenate.gov)
  • Andrew Lanza: (518) 455-3215 (lanza@senate.state.ny.us)
  • Marrk Grisanti: (518) 455-3240 (grisanti@nysenate.gov)
  • Greg Ball: (518) 455-3111 (gball@nysenate.gov)
  • John Flanagan: (518) 455-2071 (flanagan@senate.state.ny.us)
  • Joseph Addabbo: (518) 455-2322 (addabbo@senate.state.ny.us)
  • Shirley Huntley: (518) 455-3531 (shuntley@nysenate.gov)

These swing votes could re-define marriage in New York for millions! Call ’em now.

But wait…

What about our secret weapon?

As Catholics we have the greatest weapon of all at our disposal — prayer. The deck often seems stacked against us — the media, Hollywood, political pressure and money — yet we press forward with the sure hope that with God, all things are possible.

So today, in addition to making these critical calls, we have a very simple request:


Call upon the angels, saints, and Our Lady to intercede for us.

If you can, do it now. Stop what you are doing for 10 seconds right now and make a simple aspiration. Ask the Holy Spirit to fill the minds and hearts of these senators with wisdom and courage.

As a final nudge to get involved, consider this…

Today is the Feast of St. Thomas More – the patron of statesman and politicians — and the model of courage for our public leaders. The fate of marriage in NY could be decided on the Feast of St. Thomas More. A coincidence? I think not.

We’re in overtime. Let’s roll.



  • BobN

    “It started in MA, when the state government imposed their criteria on Catholic Social Service adoption and foster care services. The government designed laws to shut out a religious organization and then made certain to refuse them a religious exemption. This became the standard as seen in San Francisco, DC (where my Dad was adopted) and also now in IL.”

    Catholic Charities in both Boston and San Francisco had placed over a dozen kids in the homes of gay couples in the decade previous to the Vatican’s directive to draw a line in the sand on the issue. The very man responsible for the new rules opposing government non-discrimination rules in government-financed contracts for adoption services is the same man who, as Archbishop of San Francisco before moving to Rome, PERSONALLY APPROVED more than one same-sex couple adopting a child.

    Though no longer practicing, I’m an old-school (old parochial school, for that matter) Catholic when it comes to bearing false witness. My nun teachers didn’t put up with lying. You shouldn’t either.

  • James

    It’s quite something to hear the Catholic Church screaming about two grown men committing to each other given the overwhelming number of unscriptural annulments it hands out like candy to its heterosexual parishioners.

    • Bruce

      Two grown men committing to each other is not a marriage. If you think so, then you need to define what marriage is first, and then we can have a discussion. Barring that, your statement does not make sense.

  • mykidscatholicmom

    My letter to the reps of NY:

    I am asking you not to rule the people of New York in a secular progressive elitist fashion. If the people of New York want gay marriage they can have it, by vote.

    Personally I am against gay marriage, and it isn’t because I am a bigot. I’m not going to fill you up with evangelical talking points either. I am against gay marriage because it is an issue of intolerance, hate, and bigotry. It has been divisively designed to shame people who think there is reason to have pause, and silence anyone with religious conviction not just from speaking, but from existing in the public square.

    Recently someone asked me how gay marriage impacted me. I am familiar with the argument. It started way back with the notion that what happens in my bedroom is my business, but it is a tremendous oversimplification to suggest gay marriage is about two adults behind closed doors in their bedroom. The gay rights agenda has made certain to deny religious freedom. It started in MA, when the state government imposed their criteria on Catholic Social Service adoption and foster care services. The government designed laws to shut out a religious organization and then made certain to refuse them a religious exemption. This became the standard as seen in San Francisco, DC (where my Dad was adopted) and also now in IL. It is foolish to ignore gay marriage means the closing of community organizations who hold deep conviction. I have heard people argue they receive state or federal money, but the historical implications of removing faith based institutions from the public square is dangerous. We are not supposed to have freedom FROM religion in the USA. We are supposed to have freedom OF it. Instead of live and let live, this has become live and let die – as evidenced by the death threats to those who take a stand for traditional marriage.

    I realize that this might suggest vote for it, but include the religious exemption. However, there are even more ways gay marriage comes out of the bedroom and effects all of us. Public education becomes the pulpit for the GLBT religion. In the name of tolerance, curriculum is changed so that children are taught details of belief and taught those with opposing beliefs are immoral (sounds like religion to me). Children as young as kindergarten are taught homosexual sexual education in MA. You may say it is age appropriate, but who is to say that it is age appropriate to bring their bedroom into the public classroom. That is more than coming out of a closet. The King and The King is read to second graders. Lets take homosexuality completely out of it, the book teaches rebellion against parents is wise and good. Why? Because the agenda is to teach kids to follow the detailed beliefs and values of the state sponsored belief regardless of their parents beliefs, values, and conviction. Once again it is live and let die. Religious freedom is only for those deemed “tolerable.” Opposing thought is shut down for being hate speech and the state now teaches from its government sponsored pulpit that those who have different beliefs, values, and thought are inherently wrong, sounds like state sponsored religion to me.

    Those who favor gay marriage might offer that parents may remove their children; however, when parents tried to exercise that right in MA, the Supreme Court stated that public education was not required to be a la cart. In other words, parents don’t have the given right to pick and choose what their children are taught. Now kids in MA have field trips to gay lesbian bisexual transgender events. I realize our President made June National GLBT month, but technically those in the mental health field still consider Gender Identity a disorder and destructive in child development (until political pressure changes this). Some schools have ended Mother’s Day and Father’s Day for being exclusive. Yet it was our own President who said in People magazine, that “even though my sister and I were lucky enough to be raised by a wonderful mother and caring grandparents, I always felt his absence and wondered what it would have been like if he had been a greater presence in my life. I still do. It is perhaps for this reason that fatherhood is so important to me, and why I’ve tried so hard to be there for my own children.” If our own President says Fatherhood is a societal issue, then is it so unreasonable to suggest gay marriage truly does effect us all as a society. These kinds of dramatic changes do effect each one of us. As a result, it is more than fair to say they are vote worthy.

    I recognize the progressive ideology says old is bad and new is better. I realize they want change for change sake, but there is wisdom in the knowledge that those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it. Votes allow for debate and discussion. Votes allow people to be heard. Votes allow people to have freedom OF religion and Votes preserve everyone’s freedom including those who support gay marriage. Do what is right and allow this to come to a vote.

  • tz1

    The irony is not lost.

    Thomas More lost his head because he said ONLY THE CHURCH CAN DEFINE MARRIAGE – by refusing a second annulment to his king. The King promptly said “Marriage is whatever I (the state) say it is”.

    So today, all the christians are pushing to have marriage (and everything along with it like divorce) defined and very deeply enshrined in the state and civil authorities. The king over the saint.

  • SSGT Catherine Hackett

    Marriage is a life together where children are procreated. You must have one set of chromosomes of xx and one of xy in order to be married! You cannot make children without that set of chromosomes merging together. Marriage is and always will be a G*dly institution.



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