Open thread: Gov. Christie for President?

While the 2012 presidential election is still more than two years off, I suspect the campaign will begin in earnest at approximately 12:01 AM on November 3rd — the day after the upcoming midterm elections.

The GOP list of rivals is long, beginning with those with the largest political machines/money — Romney, Palin and Ginrich all will be formidable.  But there will be others – Huckabee, Santorum, Pence, Daniels, Pawlenty just to name a few.

But what about New Jersey’s Gov. Chris Christie?  Last week he appeared on Oprah to announce a $100 million gift from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for the Newark public schools.  Christie was also applauded by pro-life groups last week for forcing the closure of  a Planned Parenthood clinic after he vetoed $7.5 million in state monies which help fund the abortion giant, though the Examiner disputed the significance of the victory here.

This past weekend Christie hosted a private fundraiser for research to support children with Down Syndrome.  The WSJ’s Bill McGurn attended the fundraiser at the NJ Governors Mansion and included this take on Christie this morning:

I can’t claim to know the Christies, though their daughter is in my daughter’s class at a local Catholic high school. But I will say that the more America gets to know this people, the more they will love them. This is a family utterly without pretense — they don’t even live at the governor’s mansion — and awed by the responsibility they have been given. YouTube has made the governor a star over his various confrontations with hecklers. When you see the man up close, you’re going to come away even more impressed.

Now all I have to do is make sure the rest of you outside NJ don’t draft him for national politics before he’s finished cleaning up the mess here!

Christie is a Catholic and began his term as Governor with an inaugural mass celebrated by Archbishop Myers.  He has said he is pro-life and supports marriage.  And everyone knows he is putting subsidiarity into practice in New Jersey.

But would Christie be a serious contender?  Is he presidential?  Would you support him?



  • rayomnd kogolo (sr)

    Am reading more about him and hope he make a good president, for supporting him as president i will yes, goodlock Gov.

  • Howard

    I doubt I could support him. I know little about him, but he’s already seeming to get the Realpolitik vote, and that’s enough to bias me against him. Cultural conservatives have been playing the Realpolitik card for decades, and as a result the Republican Party just takes their money and their campaigning but relegates cultural matters to the backmost burner when elected. Liberals, on the other hand, tolerate no deviation on “gay rights” or “abortion rights”, and the Democratic Party is firmly in their pocket.

    If you want a different result from what we’ve seen for the past 4 decades, you’re going to have to adopt a different strategy.

  • Scott W.

    Thanks John, I’d much rather we parse all these facts and put candidates under the microscope now rather than six months from the election and go through all the “Well, he’s not perfect, but he’s not as bad as [insert abortion-supporting monster here]”. To wit: most of us would not vote for a KKK member even for city dog-catcher. Don’t know why a track record of cozying up to PP gets a pass.

  • johnny b

    oh yeah.

  • Lee

    He is certainly the flavor of the week – and someone I’d look at more closely if he did decide to run. But that’s only if Huckabee decides not to run. Huckabee has my vote right now.



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