Osama bin Ladin remains treated more respectfully than his 9-11 victims’

I was pretty peeved when I learned this week that the White House gave Gitmo detainees a $750,000 soccer field.  How many poor communities right here in the US would have been far more deserving recipients of this taxpayer funded gift?

Now we learn that sensitivity experts in the White House ensured a more respectful handling of Osama bin Ladin’s remains than the Dover Air Force Base Mortuary may have given 9-11 victims.  Government investigators are looking into the possibility that partial remains of 9-11 victims could have ended up in a landfill.

These latest revelations will only compound the grief and hurt many 9-11 families felt when they learned that our President ordered our military to perform a strange and unprecedented burial at sea for their loved one’s killer courtesy of the American taxpayers.

If the current Administration is going to continue to demand we pay for the extravagant recreation and burials of our enemies in the name of “sensitivity”, then perhaps we should start demanding equal “sensitivity” for all – not just a select group of protected minority groups and religions.



  • Mike

    Why are you blaming Obama for something Bush did?!

    “The practice at Dover of cremating partial remains and sending them to a landfill began shortly after Sept. 11, 2001, the report said, “when several portions of remains from the Pentagon attack and the Shanksville, Pa., crash site could not be tested or identified.””

    Are you intending to lie or was that an honest mistake. The moral response would be to admit your error (if you’re not lying) and retract that part of your story publicly.

  • Thomas

    According to a recent wikileaks release of classified documents bin laden’s body was NOT burried at sea.


    Why do you believe the gov that lied about everything?

    Why do you believe the same gov with ties to multi million dollar corps that makes BILLIONs off of the fake war on terror?

  • Bruce

    For the win! OBL was not buried at sea after all, despite the Obama Administration lying to the American public. It turns out that his body was moved to the USA. One wonders if Obama will place OBL in the Arlington National Cemetery as part of his worldwide apology tour? http://rt.com/news/osama-body-wikileaks-stratfor-949/

  • James

    Apples and Oranges sure are difficult to compare.

    Yes, the 9/11 victims deserve a proper burial and the fact that some of their remains ended up in a landfill is morally wrong. But consider the situation. Pieces of bodies buried among a big pile of rubble. It’s hard to separate even if given an infinite amount of time whereas OBL’s body was in one piece therefore easily accessible for a proper burial.

    I think the above mentioned circumstances make for a difficult comparison.

    As for the disposal of OBL’s body I think it was the right thing to do. Furthermore a burial at sea was genius as it eliminates the prospect of his grave site becoming some kind of shrine for these animals.



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