Our call with Glenn Beck had 143,000 participants

On the day of the CatholicVote.org call with Glenn Beck, I was campaigning in eastern Iowa to encourage Catholics to boot Justice David Wiggins from the Iowa Supreme Court.

And if you were also busy on that day we did our call with Glenn, we wanted to post a recording of the call for you to listen. By the way, major kudos to CV blogger and author Rachel Campos Duffy for moderating.

Hope you enjoy the call and that you get motivated to take action!

Click here: Glenn Beck CV call



  • Mrs.Phelan

    Wow – as a Catholic I’m embarrassed to find a super PAC, purporting guidance so Catholics may chose candidates based upon church teachings. Alas what I get are Glen Beck’s recommendations and a “community” calling each other stupid. The Jesuits were right.

  • Gary

    You’re proud of a call with a loony BS artist. LOL

    • Robert

      He did not make a phone call with Chris Matthew’s.

  • Rich

    I never realized that Glenn Beck was a major Catholic Theologian.
    Does the Pope realize that his position is in danger? Who needs the Curia when we have Talk Radio Infallibility?

  • teej

    I am curious as to what inspired you to have a call with Glen Beck? Is it is just a marketing thing… attract a lot of attention, get a bunch more readers? Kind of self serving but understandable if so. If not that, what?

  • Don’t Forget Kermit

    Since Romney has changed his positions again to look more moderate since that attack flyer/article, what good will that do?

    • Rad

      Why do you think it suddenly disappeared from the site after the debate? Rmoney starts the flip-flopping. Which Rmoney will we get as president?

      • Karen

        Which Obama will we get if he gets re-elected? Talk about flip-flopping!

    • KT1

      Like Obama has not changed many of his positions. Troll. Big Bird is on welfare. People are suffering from the high gas prices, high unemploymnet, high food prices, home forecloseures, huge student loan debt….and you worry about nonsense. No wonder America is in the stae we are in. Some people are just too stupid to be allowed to vote.

      • Robert

        Don’t Forget Kermit is to stupid to be allowed to vote, just by reasoning of his moniker.

        • from the belly of stoopidville

          “to stupid”? That’s too funny! And a thumbs up on top of it. That really makes it 2 funny.

          • Karen

            You really need to get out of your parents basement and look for a job. Talk to your teachers and let them know that the school will need to refund your parents tax dollars because you did NOT get an education and turned out ignorant.

    • Rich

      It will be interesting to note what the supports use when he morphs back into his pro-choice position that he needed to win as Governor, and might need again to secure the moderate republicans.
      Since the man has no legislative work to show his commitment to pro-life and no real action or a plan to end abortion (beyond pandering), why are people putting so much “faith” in the same old statements and promises that have resulted in nothing in the past decades. What is it that anyone can really state that will show this man to be more than just words on the issue, especially when his is a very recent change (only in this primary season). He even argues that good Mormons can be pro-choice, even if the official church statement opposes it except in certain conditions (Not the Catholic position.)

  • Mary

    Can you put that article comparing Romney and Obama clearly visible on the site again? I. Am recommending that people come here for that info.



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