Our Enemy: Kids

Since Obama wants to publicize a “war against women,” it’s good to identify the combatants. It’s too trite to categorize it as “Women vs. Republicans,” since the “war” is principally being fought only over the issues of abortion and contraception (or, I’m sorry, access to reproductive health care). So, the war is really not about women or Republicans, but between those who favor abortion and contraception and those opposed to it.

Even that is too simplistic because we need to ask why abortion and contraception is favored at all. To continue dodging the issue, people will claim that women have a “right” to control their own bodies, and abortion and contraception are necessary tools to exercise this right. But, against what do women need to exercise control? Tools are used to complete a task; what task do abortion and contraception aid?

If they bug you, focus on the cars in the upper right.

Even pro-choicers would have to admit that abortion and contraception are ways of getting rid of unwanted children. They dodge the issue by suggesting it is just a “clump of cells,” but want these tools because they know that clump of cells will turn into a baby someday. They think that sex doesn’t have the inherent end of producing children, but any sane person clearly sees through the farce. Unspoken is the understanding that kids are a problem. It has to be unspoken, though, because it grates against human compassion to suggest that kids are the enemy.

At least, it used to. It’s difficult to quantify, but there seems to be a growing cultural trend of openly criticizing kids and parents. Kids are annoying and loud in restaurants and airplanes. Parents are derided as “breeders.” If you aren’t convinced this is a real societal movement, the Simpsons verifies it. If you think Catholics are immune to this way of thinking, peruse any discussion about whether the parish church should create a “cry room” to house the annoying babies who bother us while we are trying to get our God on.

If we don't take care of this enemy, what future are we leaving for our children?

For tech-savvy kid-haters, there is a browser plugin called Unbaby.me that “deletes babies from your newsfeed permanently–by replacing them with awesome stuff.” If you are annoyed by your facebook friends who continually barrage your newsfeed with pictures of their babies, install this plugin and “Any baby pics will now be cats or pugs or whatever you want.” After this, you can “Rejoice! Now you don’t have to look at all your friends’ annoying kids.”

Should we be surprised? Lambeth in the 1930s gave moral backing to contraception, so religious people didn’t have to feel guilty about avoiding unwanted kids, and didn’t have to worry much about chastity either. Growing acceptance of contraception and abortion allow us to not feel guilty about avoiding or even killing unwanted unborn kids. The Democrats emphatically want to protect this legal hatred of kids against any slight invasion of sanity.

It’s sad, but the future of the pro-life movement may require us to not only defend the dignity of the unborn, but the recently-born as well.



30 thoughts on “Our Enemy: Kids

  1. Francis says:

    Honestly, Tim Shaughnessy, you can print this or not (as you did not allow my other comment to be posted). You will see it, and that’s enough for me. If a student turned in an essay in school, and they had cited The Simpsons and something off of Urban Dictionary as evidence in support of their argument, ANY teacher in their right mind would have a talk with that student about reliable sources vs. unreliable sources. You, as a “professional” should know better. You have an obligation to your readers to aim a little higher than a high schooler would.

    1. Tim Shaughnessy says:

      I have no control over what comments appear; you’ll have to take that up with the CV editors.
      1) I am not a student submitting a paper in a class; this is a public blog.
      2) I was making the point that children are less valued in today’s society; seemed to me that “citing” two popular sources would be enough to demonstrate said point.
      3) I know the Simpsons source is reliable because I remember the episode. The source which I cited accurately portrayed what happened in the episode. I apologize that I cannot provide you with audio links where I’ve personally overheard parents or heterosexuals referred to as “breeders.”
      4) I wasn’t aware that my blog posts would be subject to double-blind peer-review; I’ll attempt to sharpen my writing skills in future posts to professional grade.

      1. Francis says:

        Tim – exactly, you are not a student. “I know the Simpsons source is reliable because I remember the episode”….it’s not that the episode is not memorable. One issue is that this episode of The Simpsons is actually mocking those in society who are not tolerant of children, not promoting the idea that we should kill children. Another issue is that using The Simpsons to bolster your argument is like someone referencing a Star Trek episode to make the point that alien life exists.

        The other point, to which you did not respond, is that Urban Dictionary is not an adequate source of anything. It is a vulgar compilation of slang – anyone can make up terms and definitions and put them on Urban Dictionary. The reality is that the term “breeder”, as insulting as it is, has a much longer history than Urban Dictionary.

        I point these things out to you, not to subject you to a “double-blind peer review”, but to avoid “The Sky is Falling” syndrome. By this I mean the occasions on which bloggers create unsubstantiated posts and then call out for a response to such pointless hysteria.

  2. Anita says:

    I think that all us mothers should remember that we are ambassadors for motherhood. All too often the joy, wonder and privilege of being a mother is not projected. We joke about the bad stuff but never about the good stuff. If we are truly pro-life we have to show young women that motherhood is not a life sentence but the beginning of something fantastic, that mothers are to be envied not pitied!

  3. Jennifer Lambert says:

    I just want to say that my paternal grandmother gave birth to 17 children (two stillborn) and maternal grandmother gave birth to 9 children. I have never been pregnant, but it seems like such a beautiful thing to be given the privilege to bear God’s creation. It is sad to me that some American women are so far from God that they cannot see this beauty or even God’s beauty. And if their decision to kill their unborn child goes unrepented, they risk being turned away from God’s beauty for eternity.

  4. Francis says:

    I think the slang term “breeders” has multiple uses. I’m no expert at slang terms, but my understanding is that it can be used as a pejorative to describe parents who bring children into the world but to do not use common sense (or sometimes any sense) when raising those children. The term is not aimed at the children, but at the adults who seep pretty clueless about their role. Here is an example:


    Personally, I don’t care for that kind of dehumanizing language. Neither do I care for the behavior of the parents in this case. The children, of course, are blameless in this situation.

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