Outrage: Court rules against Mount Soledad

Unreal. The 20-year judicial war on a desert cross just won’t stop.

A federal appeals court today ruled that the Mount Soledad Memorial Cross is unconstitutional (though they didn’t say that the landmark must be removed.) The ruling came down from Judge M. Margaret McKeown, whose office is just miles from the cross. McKeown was appointed to the bench by President Clinton in 1998.

Judge McKeown claimed that having the cross on federal land was a violation of the Establishment Clause.


So the United States Government has now established an official  state church because the Defense Department has a cross at a war memorial? So which Christian denomination is the new official religion of the United States? I’d like Judge McKeown to enlighten us.

Judge McKeown has fallen for that old canard that the federal government has suddenly adopted an official state church just because it permits a religious symbol on federal land.

I’m sure her crusade won’t stop in California. She’ll next take aim at that carving of Moses at the Supreme Court building in Washington, DC. And California sent a statue of Blessed Junipero Serra to be honored in the Rotunda at the United States Capitol. Does that make Catholicism the official religion of the United States or just California?



3 thoughts on “Outrage: Court rules against Mount Soledad

  1. Jefferson T says:

    I wonder how you would feel if the City used taxpayer funds to erect a Mosque on public land in order to celebrate all the fallen US soldie

    1. Joshua Mercer says:

      A city has a constitutional right to erect a Muslim symbol to honor fallen Muslim soldiers who had fought for our country. The City of Dearborn, Michigan, has a large Muslim population so such a memorial would make a lot of sense. Not only do I think it’s constitutional, I would not oppose its construction. The question of building a mosque or a church or a synagogue would only be appropriate for soldiers on a military base, of course.

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