Outrageous: Muslim man arrested for dancing on altar of Florence’s Basilica

This boils my blood.

Apparently a Muslim man brought a boom-box to the Basilica of Florence, turned on Michael Jackson’s song “Bad”, and began dancing on the high altar. Here is the video.

Details beyond this are sketchy, but one report I found in Italian mentioned something about the man praying in Arabic constantly after he was detained in a cell. I realize there is a possibility that the man is mentally unstable but to execute something so precisely mocking of a sacred space and then to be detained afterwords so calmly seems to go against such a theory. He appears to wait and expect to be arrested once he sees security arrive.

I’ll follow-up on this story more if I see anything more about it. I feel obliged to point out that this will probably receive scant mention in the mainstream media, even though if a Christian were to do something so mocking at a mosque it would get more attention, and local Christian leaders would feel obligated to apologize to the local Muslim authorities. I have seen no reports that local Muslim leaders have in fact issued any such conciliatory comment.

As for the man, God have mercy on his soul. I wonder what circle of hell Dante would say awaits him unless he repents.



  • Oleg Bolotov

    Do you know what happens to this man?
    Any charges/fines/sentence/…?

  • Sandra Gray

    All Catholics should stand outside some Mosque and protest at this outrage, which is Our Faith, these Moslems seem to think its Only if there Faith gets insulted like tearing a bit of the Koran or saying something not nice about there prophet , we dont go into there Mosque and jump around and make noises like a donkey. When will those Moslems get the message Catholics try and respect God and other religions but they dont, no wonder they dont like a Mass said in Moslem countries they are afraid that the people would change like they are in Indonesia in there droves, they say they believe in the Ten Commandments what about the serious one Thou shall not kill, and putting Fatwah’s out on people and putting airplanes into the Twin Towers etc, is that the God the Moslems believe in, they dishonour there Prophet as my Moslem Doctor tells me that when there Prophet Mohammed went into Mecca he told all his followers, not to kill, or steal food and apparently the Koran also says respect other religions, yes indeed we can see that. There is no point in pointing your tush to Mecca with murder on your brain.
    After all Mohammed was a prophet to them so what, they are treating him as if he was a God now that is downright disrespectfull.

    • Bruce

      Protests and violence will solve nothing, and will convert no one. There are two ways to convert Muslims. 1.) Pray for the intercession of Our Blessed Mother for their conversion. 2.) Learn and discuss the Christian God with them, who is Reason, Beauty, Truth, and Love. The first term, reason, is the most important for Muslims, for if they come to understand that by nature, God is reasonable and rational, then it means that reasonable and rational behavior and thoughts are good, because they are God-like. The tie between reason and faith, and reason and God, is what Christianity ultimately is…for Christ is the Logos (The Word or Reason, itself). If the Moslem believes that God is wholly other, not bound to beauty, love, truth, or even reason, then he can believe that God can call for murder, rape, torture, and terrorism, because he believes that no one will ever understand God, not even through reason. But if the Moslem believes that God is reasonable, or reason itself, then violence in the name of faith becomes irrational and unreasonable…or un-God-like (and therefore sinful). THERE is where discussion begins. From there, it is a short walk to the Son, the Logos, and into the Church.

  • marv!!!

    Take the religious labels off and this story becomes “mentally ill man acts mentally ill. No one injured.” End of story. Why all the finger pointing and blame and comparisons?

    Making this a story about the suppression of Christ and Catholics seems like pretend victimhood. Putting this story on this blog site seems like a waste of time and energy.

  • Leigh

    I am new to this website (approx 6 weeks?) And have found two articles to be misleading….to say the least. “Saudis arrest Filipino Catholics at Mass” and the other one about Hospitals closing in Scranton (the first article). There are some truths to these stories. If you read through the comments on both and look up the stories on different news sites etc you will get the real story. I think that Thomas is gifted, smart, and very passionate about his religion. All great qualities. I do however feel that Thomas intertwines his opinions and a few over sensationalized statements with the intention of “winding up” his bloggers. Personally I think this the cause for so many of the problems and divides in our country. Not Thomas alone..the media…democrats, republicans, and tea partiers, and of course sites like “oath keepers” etc which are just over the top fairy tale type articles. It bothers me greatly that I can no longer trust what I read or hear on the news. I now have to “google” everything…read 7 different articles from conservative, liberal, and christian sites, and then I go to BBC etc to see what other countries are saying…..just to find that the truth is always somewhere in the middle. I find it exhausting and mostly feel the need to do this so that when my children ask a question I can try to have the correct information available. Im over all of the hype that is now called journalism….



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