Overdue: Marriott hotels to take pornography off the menu

This is long overdue, for several reasons I will explain:

Marriott International, one of the nation’s leading hotel groups, tells Hotel Check-In that it’s pulling access to adult movies from the new hotel rooms it will be opening the next several years.

… Marriott’s decision also comes after years of discussing whether the availability of adult entertainment in guest rooms – for years, a money maker for hotels – is appropriate and whether secure safeguards exist to keep it away from children. [USA Today Travel]

Marriot I believe is one of the top 5 pornography providers in the world. Hilton is high up there as well (and may also be phasing out its adult content soon).

Obviously hotels have been attracted to offering pornography because it is a huge source of revenue for them. Pornography has a high addiction rate so they can expect an increase in repeat business. Hotel chains have discovered that many men traveling on business see their hotel room as a “safe space” to view pornography away from the attention of their families. But as a recent academic conference hosted by the Witherspoon Institute has shown, pornography always brings with it harmful social costs, for those who consume it and for those who must live and interact with those who are affected by it.

Furthermore, I have heard it argued that pornography in hotels is technically illegal. We can “thank” our Justice Deparment for doing nothing to enforce these laws.

Whatever the reasons for this change, good riddance to pornography, wherever it still exists.

Ph/t: AmP reader Luis.



  • Pete

    On the other side of the coin – what’s with the bibles? I have a friend who stays in lots of hotels for work and if there is a bible in the room he calls the front desk and demands that someone come immediately and remove it. Thoughts?

  • Austin Ruse

    All obscenity is illegal and that includes pretty much everything shown on porn outlets in hotel rooms. Illegal and prosecutable. Note this change applies only to NEW Marriott properties even though it could apply to ALL Marriott properties.

  • Dave

    One of my favorite statistics of all time:

    Average time pay per view porn is watched in a hotel room: 8 minutes.

    Love it

  • franklyn mcafee

    Some years ago attorney generai Ed meese waged a war on pornography.Morality in Media in concert with the Reagan administration took the lead in the struggle.Morality in Media (then headed by a priest)sponsored a national meeting in Phoenix at the Camelback Inn,a hotel not only managed by Marriott but owned by them.Bill Marriott was a member of MM and a co-sponsor of the event.It was well attended by attorney generals of various states,prosecutors,judges and clergy.On the third day of the conference an attendee called to the group’s attention that porno movies were being offered on the hotel tv system.People were shocked by the hypocrisy.So we complained to Marriott (or to ourselves really) about this.I forgot what happened -I think the hotel pulled the offerings until the group left.I attended the affair representing my diocese.



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