Paging Dr Freud: Storm Troopers for Planned Parenthood!?!

I did a double-take when I saw Planned Parenthood post this on it’s Facebook page:

Check out some of the cute and creative “I Stand With Planned Parenthood” photos posted to our Fan Photo Album. We’d love to see what else you come up with!

Even Planned Parenthood fans were confused:

Storm Troopers? Oh, noooo… :(

They’re storm troopers.. doesn’t anyone else think that The Empire standing with Planned Parenthood sends the wrong message?

Planned Parenthood tried to save it: “Looks like the Storm Troopers are turning over a new leaf!”

Sorry, Planned Parenthood, you’re still a proud ally of the Evil Empire.

UPDATE: The more I think of this, the more I think it is actually revealing: Planned Parenthood’s philosophy, after all, is to try to convince us that bad things are good.



  • Padme

    Not all storm troopers were clones, there was war between the Empire and Kamino and they stopped making clones for them, so they started training stormtroopers (which is the “academy training” mentioned in the OT). Anyways…Lucas sends a strong pro-life message in Episodes ii and iii, with the line “That’s what a mother needs for her child. To know that he, that you, have been given a chance for a better life.” it portrays a strong adoption support that giving a better life is the best thing a mother can do (Lucas adopted all three of his children). And in Episode iii the dialogue between Anakin and Padme on their future clearly declares what pregnancy is: carrying a baby, as they state in lines such as “our baby IS a blessing” (rather than “we are GOING TO BE blessed”) and “This baby will change our lives” (rather than “our lives will be changed once we have the baby”.) Also, the scene where after he turns to the dark side and kills younglings is a figure of abortion: killing defenseless children is evil.

  • Paolo Merolla

    Exceptional, God bless you! Paolo from Italy.

  • Zachary

    HoloNet News Release:
    The Galactic Empire does not support Planned Parenthood in any way. These soldiers must be assumed to be rebels in disguise, as has been known to happen through the negligence of Imperial officers (such as aboard Death Star 1). However, we must remember that in the end the pitiful “Alliance to Restore the Republic” was crushed and order restored. Rest assured that Imperial forces are taking steps to eliminate these imposters. Again, the Galactic Empire in no way supports Planned Parenthood.


    OH Thom .. There you go again. They arn’t Stormtroopers, they’re ESCORTS.

  • GW 3 characters?

    And in the midst of the lightning bolts, Darth Abby Johnson experiences a full conversion and throws Emperor Cecile Richards down the shaft.

  • Tony Layne

    LOL! Famous last words: “Your rebellion is a failure! Soon your pitiful little band of protesters and Forty Days For Life prayers will be destroyed!”



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