Papal Quote of the Day: “Where there is anti-Catholicism I will go forward with great courage and joy.”

The headline says it all, but here it is in context. Pope Benedict said these words during his traditional in-flight press conference early today:

Reporter: The [UK] has a past tradition of a strong anti-Catholic position. Are you concerned about how you will be received?
Pope Benedict: – Firstly, good day to you all and I wish you a good journey. I must say that I’m not worried, because when I went to France I was told: “This will be a most anticlerical country with strong anticlerical currents and with a minimum of faithful.” When I went to the Czech Republic it was said: “This is the most non-religious country in Europe and even the most anti-clerical”.
So Western countries, all have, each in their own specific way, according to their own history, strong anticlerical or anti-Catholic currents, but they always also have a strong presence of faith. So in France and the Czech Republic I saw and experienced a warm welcome by the Catholic community, a strong attention from agnostics, who, however, are searching, who want to know, to find the values that advance humanity and they were very careful to see if they could hear something from me in this respect, and tolerance and respect for those who are anti-Catholic.
Of course Britain has its own history of anti-Catholicism, this is obvious, but is also a country with a great history of tolerance. And so I’m sure on the one hand, there will be a positive reception from Catholics, from believers in general, and attention from those who seek as we move forward in our time, mutual respect and tolerance. Where there is anti-Catholicism I will go forward with great courage and joy. [Full text of the in-flight press conference.]


  • Christina H

    He is awesome! Viva El Papa!!!!

  • Geoffrey

    I agree with Jen!

  • Jen

    Hi Thomas,
    I’m a huge Papist fan, but… I don’t like this new blog at all. There’s very little of you in it. I find the layout confusing and visually dull and uninspiring. I wish there was more than one post on the page at a time. It just seems like Catholicvote content is the main course and you’re a small side-dish. (Sorry for the food analogy — I’m hungry.) I’m not criticizing Catholicvote at all. Catholicvote is awesome and so very, very needed. I guess I’m just missing the original blog. It had personality, clarity and appeal that this one lacks.

    I won’t stop visiting, but I enjoy it a lot less. I appreciate all you do on behalf of the Church. God bless you and increase your territory!

    • Thomas Peters

      Jen, I’m sorry to hear that. You can bookmark where all (only only my) posts are listed. I’m actually blogging several times a day, and we’re working to improve the site daily. There are a large number of start-up issues to be resolves, but the heart of my blogging is still pure papist gold. :)

      • Lawrence

        As someone who reads RSS feeds, I’d appreciate a dedicated Papist RSS feed.

        This layout still needs some work. Where can I report bugs?

        • Thomas Peters

          Lawrence – thanks for the reminder. I’ll find out the dedicated-AmP RSS feed and post the link in a future post so everyone has access to it!

          • Thomas Peters

            oh and Lawrence – you can email me bugs directly (thomas @ and I’ll add them to our internal to-fix list.

    • mam

      I agree, Jen. I liked the old American Papist site much better. But the content should be just as good so I will still visit. – MM



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