Papist Picture of the Day: Devaluation

By ignoring the “Don’t Touch the Art!” rule, Najib had devalued the piece by $500,000.



  • jrlomy2k

    Pope? What pope? I see no pope in this picture. Must be one of those “optical illusions”.

  • Viterbo Fangirl

    “Your Holiness, I am proud to present the newest movement in modern art… the scratch-and-sniff painting!”

  • Panda Rosa

    “Now look vhat you did, it’s smudged!” (slaps Najib’s hand) “Now you are going to go write ‘I vill not touch chalk drawings’ 500 times.” The Pope wasn’t a Professor for nothing.

  • KeyserSoze

    my grandmother spent days piecing together jigsaw puzzles on a large table. soon after she had finished the last piece, she unpieced sections and then the pieces to put back in the box and in the closet. i miss her.

    • Panda Rosa

      My goodness, and here my brother and self thought it was good enough just to hide a piece or two, just to have the satisfaction of Putting In The Last Piece.
      Oh, there’s a dung pit in Purgatory with my name on it, yes indeed.

  • Waking Up Catholic

    The Pope was upset when he found out that his artwork was not infallible. Even the Supreme Pontiff can get paint-by-numbers wrong.

  • Leslie Wolfgang

    that was just before the pope slapped his hand.



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