Papist Picture of the Day: Lederhosen

The Vatican version of American Idol was slow to attract new talent.



12 thoughts on “Papist Picture of the Day: Lederhosen

  1. Sandra Gray says:

    Why are we out in Moslem Countries helping out when all we get is insults like “dont accept food from the Infidel” why are’nt the Moslems helping there own they are very rich indeed with all the oil they sell, I put it this way if a Catholic Country had a problem “how much Moslem aid would we get” ?

  2. Viterbo Fangirl says:

    The infrequently seen “Hokey Popey”!
    (THAT’S what it’s all about!)

  3. Lawrence says:

    Vatican’s Got Talent

  4. Panda Rosa says:

    “Herr Chase, you mean vell. but you’ve been out of step for the last 15 minutes.” (lost scene from “European Vacation”)

  5. George says:

    Suddenly, the ten Swiss time-travelers from the 18th century realized that something had gone seriously and embarrassingly wrong with their calculations to visit ancient Rome.

  6. Patrick Mullane says:

    The non-OktoberFest version proved sadly lacking.

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