Papist Picture of the Day: Siesta

Sorry to say this bishop, but even under two hats we can all tell you’re nodding off



7 thoughts on “Papist Picture of the Day: Siesta

  1. Mark Anderson says:

    Special of the week at Burger King! Buy one kids meal get a free paper WYD Mitre!

  2. kathyo says:

    I really loved this humorous feature that was so regular on the original papist blog, and wish you could have more!

  3. Warren says:

    Evolution of the mitre?

    What the hippest bishops are wearing these days.

  4. dvandrewsmfa says:

    …and, oh yeah, siesta, silly Stateside yank that I am…what does the photo time stamp for Madrid read here?

  5. d.v. andrews says:

    Depending on his appointed See and proximity to age of resignation…I suppose I’ll spare him the benefit of the doubt for probable jet lag…I hope Papa Bene can overlook the matter too… :)

  6. Davide says:

    Hey Gilligan!! Where’s Skipper and the Professor?

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