Parental Notification Needed for a Tylenol….Not for an Abortion

Here someone at the Huffington Post is campaigning against parents responsibly raising their children

“While Illinois has a mandatory parental involvement law on the books, it has long been enjoined. Thus, young women in Illinois who are capable of making their own abortion decision can do so with the guidance of their healthcare provider and other trusted adults. They are not forced to involve their parents where they do not feel safe doing so. However, the State is aggressively seeking to end that court protection for young women and to enforce the Illinois Parental Notification of Abortion Act. It is imperative to put an end to the threat of parental notification in Illinois, and to work to eliminate similar laws across the country. ”


What lunacy has got us to the point where parents are required to sign off on children receiving Tylenol, but prohibited from notification in case of abortion? How can children not old enough to drive be “capable of making their own abortion decision”?



  • Frank

    John – the lunacy is called Planned Parenthood and a billion dollar abortion industry that disproportionately impacts our public policy and laws.



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