Paul Ryan & Archbishop Dolan Talk Budget

Read it all here. Further proof that George Weigel is right to say the Bernadin era is over?


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  • Davide

    Joe not only did “davide” read the links to this post. “Davide” clicked on the links on this post-which led “davide” to a page praising Cardinal B. Hence “davide’s” comment.

    • Joe

      Which segment of the article led to Davide believing that the article is about praising Cardinal Bernardin?

  • Davide

    I take the author of this post has never fully looked into the child abuse scandal within the Church. This Bernadin fellow was not a very good person. Articles such as this shows the ignorance of so many American Catholics regarding this scandal. I am very disappointed and appalled this website is celebrating this man. I do wish Weigel and Kathryn both whom I normally have great respect would have done his/her homework. I for one is very happy his era is done.

    • Joe

      Oh the irony. I take it that Davide did not read the links in this post very closely.



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