Paul Ryan and the Poor

Here’s a great chance to hear Paul Ryan discuss a key Catholic question with a challenging questioner: How do you help the poor?



  • Mary

    I love hearing what specific efforts Mormons make to aid the poor. I feel certain that these are among the reasons that Mormons as a whole seems to contribute so beneficially to society, these rites are very similar to how Catholicism worked before they brought the government into it. We will be so fortunate to have the service of these two good men in our highest offices.

  • Carol

    I am having a difficult time defending the Romney/Ryan ticket to an elderly parishiner who has a child on medicaid. She says Romney and Ryan’s plan will take money from this program. She supports the nuns on the bus (ugh)- aren’t they kind of renigade nuns? Where do they get the money to travel on such a fancy bus anyway??

    Where can I find a printable copy of Ryan’s plan for medicaid to give to this parishioner to hopefully help her to see what he will do to help the poor who recive this government money.
    Also, I know pro – life issues are a higher deciding point for Catholics, but these ‘taking care of the poor issues’ seem to trump so many Catholics’ decision on who to vote for.

    • MLsouth

      Is there a way you can get her by a computer? She can watch this interview that Raymond Arroyo gave on EWTN, The World Over, back in 2011 when the budget battle was going on. Excellent video. Ryan’s interview starts at 10:43 and goes to 27:40. It will put here at ease.

    • KT1

      You can do an internet search and see that even the Liberal websites say that anyone currently on medicare will not be affected by Ryan’s plan. The changes that Ryan proposes (and these changes would have to pass Congress) affect the under 55 crowd who are not currently on medicare and ensures that medicare remains solvent for many generations to enjoy. Tell your elderly parishioner that if changes are not made to medicare, combined with Obama raiding medicare of $716 billion, economists predict that medicare will be bankrupt in 2 years! What will her child on medicare do when medicare goes bankrupt? Isn’t it better to make an effort to keep the program solvent? As for the poor- if the Democrats are so much for the poor, why didn’t they all escape poverty in the Clinton years and why do we now have so many more poor? Isn’t it more catholic to give the poor jobs and restore their dignity? Doesn’t a poor economy hurt the poor the most? Wouldn’t fixing the economy help the poor get out of poverty?

    • Joe M

      Carol. You could point out to the parishioner that “Nuns on the Bus” was funded by atheist activist George Soros: — It is false that the Ryan plan would simply “take money” from medicaid. Instead, it shifted some of the responsibility of medicaid to the state level rather than as a national program. Mainly, that is to allow states to establish high-risk pools to maintain sustainable insurance programs for people who could not otherwise get a policy.

    • Rod

      Anyone who thinks Ryan’s plan will affect people on Medicare right now are either not paying attention or playing stupid to justify their decision to support Obama. Bottom line Carol, the Ryan plan should not affect this parishioner. The Ryan plan does NOT affect anyone on Medicare now or anyone who is 55 or older right now. The Ryan Plan will only affect people 54 or younger (unless they’re on Medicare). I doubt anything you print will help but below is the article from July 18..

      The “cuts” this parishioner is referring to are likely the ones Obamacare will cut to fund other entitlement programs.

      • David

        So the fact that it doesn’t affect existing patients on medicare makes it OK that it demolishes the program for anyone under 55 and puts their health and well-being at risk? Why should those over 55 continue to enjoy medicare benefits, while those Americans under 55 have to make do without? Oh yeah, because more people over 55 vote. Got it.

        • Rod

          David, that is a fair question. I’m sure if Ryan were given a chance, he’d be happy to have that debate. However, the Obama administration is outright lying about the plan. Do you admit that?

          I’m not sure anyone has ever said the plan was perfect. It does make sure that if you can’t afford the $6000 or so per year you’re asked to contribute, there will be government assistance for that as well. In fact, it also…wait, have you read the plan, David? Have you even bothered? No? Got it.

        • Billy Bacon

          people over 55 have generally paid more taxes, s.s. and other taxes, than those under 55, the gov promised them something for this tax money, it’s theirs

          it does not demolish the program, it saves the program and gives you a chance to be smart and plan

          and of course let’s not forget, those under 55 can vote too and not everyone over 55 votes the same

        • Joe M

          David. Your premise is not true. The Ryan plan does not “demolish” the program for anyone under 55. — On the other hand, if it is left as-is, it is on track to demolish itself.


    I am not a Catholic but, because of Ryan’s new association with Mitt Romney, I thought you might like to hear the Mormon approach to helping the poor. The first step is to help them get out of the problems and troubles they may find themselves in as a result of being poor. To do this, we fast from two meals once a month and contribute this to the “Church” as an offering to the poor.

    Then, the objective is to help them to become self sufficient as soon as possible. To do this, we pay a tithe (10% of income) offering to the “Church” to provide missionary work, training and support to the poor, as well as supporting the “Church” in general.

    Although we know that “the poor will always be with us”, the hope is that through this program, “the poor” will not always be the same people throughout their lives. It may not be perfect but it seems to work.



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