Pax Christi Promotes Killing

You may have heard that the Diocese of Pittsburgh in its lawsuit against the HHS Mandate was told to come back to court later after the Obama administration supposedly changes its rule next August.

What you may not have heard (unless you paid close attention to Catholic media a few months ago) is that Pax Christi Pittsburgh, among others, filed a legal brief asking the Court to dismiss the diocese’s lawsuit, not temporarily but permanently on the merits.

Pax Christi’s brief says that it assumes that the HHS Mandate does include abortifacients, and so it does require the Church herself to offer and pay for insurance coverage of items that kill human embryos, but that the diocese’s religious freedom claims are still meritless because the Church must submit to government coercion even to give coverage of abortion to private citizens, even if that forces it to violate its beliefs.

By this rationale, the federal government could force Pax Christi affiliates to volunteer in factories that manufacture military assassination drones. After all, those “peace” folks wouldn’t actually be assassinating anyone (“directly”), and nothing stops them the rest of the week form proclaiming that they really do oppose drone killings (except when a Democrat pulls the trigger).

Pittsburgh Area Pax Christi boasts in its brief of being an affiliate of Pax Christi USA. Also, “Pax Christi, Pittsburgh Area Chapter” is listed on the Diocese of Pittsburgh’s website as a lay organization.

Here is the Diocese’s statement in response to the lawsuit dismissal.

Pax Christi was joined on the brief by Call To Action Pennsylvania, Catholics for Social Justice, and The Association of Pittsburgh Priests.

I am thinking of starting my own lay organization: Catholics for Diocletian. Maybe Pax Christi USA would let me affiliate. I am sure I would get blogging privileges at the National Catholic Reporter and Commonweal, and of course a grant from the Soros Foundation.

May the “peace of Christ” be with you all. Wink, wink.




    Pax Christi is Catholic? Judging from Pax Christi’s ongoing corporate silence on the issue, the violence of abortion is OK with them, as it apparently is with Pittsburgh’s supposedly pacifist Thomas Merton Center, another group flirting with Catholicism, at least in its namesake. Along the same lines, neither organization had a problem with Terry Schiavo being starved to death. Not. one. wimper of protest against purposeful violence against innocents. Association of Pittsburgh Priests? Not them either. Yearly protests on April 15 against taxpayer funding of war, but protests of taxpayer funding of abortiofacients? Nope, instead the APP show up at Masses and rallies to protest, not the mandate that would force everyone to pay for abortifacient contraceptives, but to advocate in favor. Go figure. True religion leads one to instinctively recoil from committing, supporting, or being silent in the face of abortion and euthanasia, ie to protect the voiceless, the absolute ‘poorest of the poor.’ If one considers that defense of innocents from being put to death is optional, a critical component of religion is missing.

  • Teófilo de Jesús

    “pax” Christi for shame.

  • abadilla

    I never thought I would see the day when a “Catholic” organization would fight the Roman Catholic Church. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry but I do know the Church must go on providing the Light of Christ in a culture of death.

  • Joe M

    Maybe the problem for organizations like Pax Christi USA is a lack of imagination. A close reading of Dante’s Inferno might help.



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